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Everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. We are partnering with GiANT Worldwide at the Denominational Conference to introduce proven communication tools for leaders. Want to discover your leadership voice, and to better understand the voices on your team? Click on the link below, then attend Dr. Tom Nebel's plenary and breakout sessions in Orlando.
 Dr. Tom Nebel will be leading plenary and breakout sessions on leadership at the GCI Denominational Conference. He has served in a number of leadership capacities, most notably as a church planter, pastor, and Director of Multiplication for Converge Worldwide, where he was involved in the startup of over 800 new churches across the globe.

For three years, Tom has served as a Senior Associate with GiANT Worldwide, a leadership consultancy which "builds leaders worth following who lead organizations everyone wants to work for." GiANT believes the best leaders are secure, humble, and confident: David not Goliath. Tom is recognized as an engaging biblical communicator and effective coach of those seeking to increase their personal, team and organizational capacities. He specializes in recognizing and removing the obstacles which stand in the way of success.

At the Denominational Conference, Tom will focus on the 5 voices of leaders.
Don't wait until August, assess yourself and  discover your leadership voice today!


Additional leadership tools from GiANT are also available in the Equipper articles linked below.

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"Navigating Through Life: the 5 Gears"


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