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Those who follow Jesus are called to live by the rules of the new world rather than the old one, and the old one won’t like it. Although the life of heaven is designed to bring healing to the life of earth, the powers that presently run this earth have carved it up to their own advantage, and they resent any suggestion of a different way. That is why the powers — whether they are in politics or the media, in the professions or the business world — bitterly resent any suggestion from Christian leaders as to how things ought to be, even while sneering at the church for not "speaking out" on issues of the day.

N.T. Wright, Simply Christian, p. 137

He is no fool to give up that which he cannot keep for that which he cannot lose.

Jim Elliot, missionary martyred in Ecuador

Stress is what happens when we try to impose our will on life.

Karl Schmidt

Sacrifice in the Bible means that we give to God the best we have; it is the finest form of worship. Sacrifice is not giving up things, but giving to God with joy the best we have.

Oswald Chambers

The question is always how do we create Bibles that people will pick up and use but that will not be too gimmicky. If you get too trendy, you’ve turned the Bible into a widget.

Kevin O’Brien, director of Bibles
at Tyndale House Publishers

Life is tragic to him who has plenty to live on and nothing to live for.

People seldom get dizzy from doing good turns.

How to Kill a Church or Sunday School

  • Don’t attend.

  • If you do attend, always be late.

  • If it’s warm, or cold, or rainy, don’t think of going.

  • When you attend, find fault with everybody and everything.

  • Don’t accept an office, as you may be criticized.

  • Get sore if you are not appointed on committees, but if you are, don’t serve.

  • If the chairperson asks you for an opinion on some matter, tell him/her you have nothing to say.

  • After the session, tell everybody how it ought to be done.

  • Do nothing you can get out of doing.

  • But when the willing work overtime to keep things moving, howl that the thing is run by a clique.

  • Hold back your dues, or don’t pay at all.

  • Don’t bother about getting new members.

  • Let George do it.

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