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Summer 2014

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Jesus' Acceptance

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Spring 2014

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On Mission with God

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Winter 2014

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Young Christians - Making a Difference!

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Fall 2013

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Christian Odyssey:
Christian Worldview - Seeing others through God's eyes

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Summer 2013

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Christian Odyssey: Chosen for Adoption

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Spring 2013

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Christian Odyssey: What Happens When We Die?

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Winter 2012 - 2013

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Christian Odyssey: Scripture - God's Gift

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September - November 2012

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Christian Odyssey: Going Online

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  • Going away or going our way? Editorial, by John Halford. There’s no need to go away. Come our way and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Going Online, by John Halford. Making the move to digital isn’t nearly as daunting as you might think.
  • A Lesson From Laundry, by Tammy Tkach. We take special care of our clothes, but we sometimes forget people need the same consideration.
  • A Sign Forever, by Gary Deddo. Signs are important. We could hardly get along with out them. The bible shows the God of Israel often used signs.
  • Combating Atheism, by Dr. Joseph Tkach. Just because we cannot give clear material proof that God exists, does not mean atheists have won the argument.
  • The Clumsy Dance Pose, by Shiela Miller. Striving for perfection is hard work day after day. We can’t possibly measure up.
  • Remembering God, by Barbara Dahlgren. God remembers me even when I forget Him (Isaiah 49:15-16).
  • An Unexpected Lesson, by Lee Berger. My wife, Sue, and I recently learned an unexpected lesson from an unexpected source.
  • Introducing Grace Communion Seminary, interview with seminary President, Russell Duke. Now nationally accredited.
  • Beyond Technology, by Rick Shallenberger. You don’t need all the latest and greatest gimmicks to give a sermon, but there is one element you can’t forget.
  • Bible Study: The Law Used Properly, by Michael Morrison. A Study of 1 Timothy 1:3-11
  • Hmm... September - November 2012



June - August 2012

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Christian Odyssey: Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth

In this issue:

  • Going On-Line Editorial, by John Halford. The next issue of Christian Odyssey will be the last one we produce as a printed magazine. After that, we will continue with an on-line edition.
  • Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth, by Joseph Tkach. Worship is so much more than just what style of music you choose, or what gizmos you hook up to go along with it.
  • Changed Lives, by Barbra Dahlgren. My husband and I were once privileged to share a meal with Jaime Escalante.
  • God Lives Under the Bed, by Kelly Adkins. I envy Kevin. My brother, Kevin, thinks God lives under his bed.
  • Popcorn and God, by Tammy Tkach. Only someone who loves people could have come up with all the foods that make life enjoyable.
  • Waters of Life, by Tim Maguire. Sometimes we forget what a blessing it is to be able to turn on a faucet and have fresh, clean, cool water gush out.
  • Where Do You Scratch the Cat Box? by Shiela Miller. Thanks be to God who loves us that he’s made provision for our own messes to be cleansed once and for all.
  • Just Do Your Part, by Sarah Strub. “All I have to do is my part,” I thought. “God will do the rest.”
  • Say It Loud, Say It Clear, by Jeffery Broadnax, It’s time to listen to each other, run with each other and cheer each other on.
  • The Power of Affirmation, by Rick Shallenberger. As ambassadors of Christ and ministers of reconciliation, I believe we are called to speak words of life to each other.
  • Bible Study: God Wants All to Be Saved, by Michael Morrison. A Study of 1 Timothy 2:1-7
  • Hmm... June - August 2012



April - May 2012

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Christian Odyssey: The Empty Tomb

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February - March 2012

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Christian Odyssey: Approaching the Light

In this issue:

  • On Turning 60, by Joseph Tkach. As the president of Grace Communion International, I think often about what lies ahead for our denomination.
  • Approaching the Light, by John Halford. Physicists are learning more about the universe as they learn to accelerate particles at nearly the speed of light.
  • So Why Collide Hadrons?, (And What Are They, Anyway?) An interview with Dr. Keith Baker, professor of physics at Yale University.
  • Listening, by Barbara Dahlgren. "I know you can't do anything about it, but could you please listen?"
  • Self-Portrait, by James Henderson. Scientists may have discovered a Rembrandt self-portrait.
  • The Gloves Are Off, by Sue Berger. The simple act of putting gloves on made me feel alienated.
  • Time for New Methods, by Greg Williams. The man showed how he would repair the trees to make the orchard better.
  • Enjoy the Ride, by Tammy Tkach. Most of us go through periods in our lives we wish could just be over.
  • 92 Years and Still Going Strong! by Donna Jones. My mom is an inspiration to everyone.
  • The Joy of Communion, by Rick Shallenberger. When we take communion, we are symbolizing our unity with God, surely a reason to rejoice.
  • Crossing Borders – Muchas Gracias, by Lee Berger. It was our most difficult trip into Mexico. They were thankful, and so were we.
  • A Model for All Believers: A Study of 1 Thessalonians 1, by Michael Morrison. Paul focused their attention on the example they set.
  • Hmm... February - March 2012

December 2011 - January 2012

Cover of the Dec-Jan issue

Editorial: Happy Christmas, Billi7. Whoever You Are. By John Halford. There are now 7 billion people alive on earth. Jesus is good news for every one of them.

Truce on Earth, Good Will Toward Men, by John Halford. It was the first Christmas during World War I, and the troops thought that Christmas was more important than war.

For the Love of God, by Rick Shallenberger: The Light of Lights. If I were lost and needed directions, I’d look for a home with Christmas lights to ask for help.

God Told Me... by Mike Feazell. How do we know if it's really God?

Journey to the Middle of the World, by Carla Pearson-Sethna. I have wanted to go to Ecuador ever since I heard Danny Oertli's song., by Brenda Steffen. Good news from a distant land is like cold water to a weary soul.

Big Sandy Revisited, by John Halford. Rather than dwell on the past, the Big Sandy congregation decided to become an active part of the local community.

Tammy's Turn, by Tammy Tkach: Emmanuel, Our Redeemer. What is a "redeemer"? There's a good biblical example in the book of Ruth.

Bible Study, by Michael Morrison: Forty-Two Men and Five Women: A Study of Matthew 1:1-16. Ancient readers would have found something interesting in that list of names: women.
Greek word: gennao.

Hmm... a variety of quotes.



cover of Oct-Nov issueOctober-November 2011

cover of Aug-Sept issueAugust-September 2011


 Cover of the June-July 2011 Christian OdysseyJune-July 2011



Cover of the April-May Christian Odyssey, showing a man and son walking through rubble in JapanApril-May 2011

February-March 2011

Editorial: Just Me Being Clever "Do not believe it if people say you are brilliant."

Jumping to Conclusions by Barbara Dahlgren. "Things are not always what they appear to be."

Lazarus and the Rich Man: A Tale of Unbelief by J. Michael Feazell. Have you ever heard that God is incapable of reaching people after they die?

He Knows Us Like That by Tammy Tkach. "We often judge others based on how well we think we know them."

Glass Half-Full Theology by Rick Shallenberger. When I was younger, however good I tried to be, it was never enough.

The New NIV: Popular English Translation Updated by Michael Morrison. Bible translation is a never-ending process for two reasons.

Hmm... Quotes from Christian Odyssey, Feb.-Mar. 2011

Grandma's Old Church by Bill Hall. We all belong to a community of faith that Jesus has drawn us into.

When the Sleeping Warrior Awoke by James and Shirley Henderson. Our guide shouted, "Buffalo! RUN!" But there was no time.

These Pancakes Taste Like Rubber! by Joyce Catherwood. Aunt Polly had written over 60 pages in the diary; it had helped validate her life.

Standing Fast in Hope as Haiti's Misery Continues- Interview with Joseph Franklin, GCI pastor in Haiti.

God Brought My Heart to San Francisco by Richard Roberts. We moved here for the purpose of planting a church, but it wasn't my idea.

ASK: The 144,000 and the Two Witnesses

December 2010-January 2011

September-November 2010

Cover story: What's In a Name? By John Halford. The recent international conference in Orlando illustrated Grace, Communion, and International.

Editorial: Thinking Hard About Tomorrow, by John Halford. Christian Odyssey has a revised editorial and circulation policy.

Leading With Love: One Congregation's Success Story in Reaching Out to Young People. By Willard High, GCI pastor in South Holland, Illinois. We prayed for God to send us people to help, and here was the answer.

It Looks Like This... Serving With Jesus in the Local Community: Meal and Prayer. By Sarah Faulkner, Bonny McQueary and High Steiginga, pastoral team in the GCI church in Ft. Myers, Florida. Undaunted by small size and advanced age, we tried several ways to serve the surrounding community.

Thinking out loud: Be Ye Perfect, by Barbara Dahlgren. Ideas of perfection can vary from person to person.

A God of Chaos? by Sheila Graham. God makes order out of chaos. But then, since he made everything, didn't God also make the chaos?

Tammy's turn: Afraid of God? by Tammy Tkach. God's love is unfailing and his grace is neverending.

Treasure in the Trash, by Kerry Gubb. God revealed himself in the language of ordinary people - not some artificial language "purified of its pagan origins."

For the love of God: a pastor's notebook: Small Change Leads to Big Mission, by Rick Shallenberger, GCI pastor in Cincinnati, Ohio. Twice a month the small children walk through our congregation with tin cups labelled "Haiti."

Bible Study: The Most Excellent Way: a study of 1 Corinthians 13, by Michael Morrison. Greek word: agape. Real love is not proven through spectacular performances - it is demonstrated in much smaller things we do every day.


June-August 2010

Cover story: "Train Up a Child..." By Jeb Egbert.  Parents have an important role to play in teaching their children about an enduring relationship with Jesus. But a child’s choices are not completely dependent on how well parents teach them.

Editorial: If you're happy and you know it -- binky!, by John Halford. Suddenly, one of the rabbits jumped about 18 inches in the air, twisted its body and spun around, before landing on all fours.

Ted and Me, and Anthony, Too: The Joy of Mentoring. By Greg Williams, Ted Johnston, and Anthony Mullins. Mentoring is not based on signed contracts -- it is a relationship based on mutual respect, honesty and shared experiences.

Death Ain't What It Used to Be by J. Michael Feazell. Presented poorly, even the gospel can be misunderstood. And sad to say, there’s a lot of that going around these days.

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin; reviewed by Cheryl Shallenberger.

Dog Is Love, by Greg Williams. Just by being the creature God created her to be, our dog taught me a lot about how God relates to us.

Thinking out loud: The Storms of Life, by Barbara Dahlgren. While it may be convenient to blame our storms of life on the devil, God is the one ultimately in control.

Should You Plant a Church? An Interview With Ed Stetzer. "Every church needs to be involved in church planting in some way. It’s just a natural extension of what God is doing."

Tammy's turn: God Is in Our Moments, by Tammy Tkach. Do you pay attention to how God is involved in each moment? Or do you let them blur together in a mad rush to get everything done?

Who Ever Thought?  A Ministry Partnership in Nepal, by Rod Matthews. The narrow track clings to the side of steep hills. The local people joke that it is so steep and narrow that even the monkeys slip off.

Stay Tuned, by Kerry Gubb. Keeping your Christian life properly tuned is a bit more complex than tuning a car, but it’s quite do-able. There are various helpful checks and diagnostics available.

For the love of God: a pastor's notebook: Attacked by an Answered Prayer, by Rick Shallenberger. I was floored as I read the most vindictive and mean-spirited email I’ve ever seen.

Our Strange, Dead God, by John Halford. The Hindu taxi driver asked me, “Could you tell me what you Christians see in that strange dead god?”

Bible Study: Diversity and Unity in Spiritual Gifts: a study of 1 Corinthians 12, by Michael Morrison. Greek word: charisma.


April-May 2010

Cover story: Will my homeland live again? By Marie Antoinette Monaus. My soul is experiencing a deep sense of loss and grief as I see my people trying to recover from this devastation without food, clean water, shelter, and medical help.
Companion articles: Haiti and America, and About our cover

Editorial: Haiti - help and hope, by John Halford. If we are to really help Haitians rebuild, there must be a stronger motivation than just feeling sorry for them.

Where was God? , by J. Michael Feazell. Where was God when tens of thousands were being crushed, maimed and trapped in rubble until they died of thirst or starvation if not their injuries?

"With what body are the dead raised?" by Paul Kroll. Why do we need a body in the afterlife?
     Companion article: Is our brain all there is to who we are?

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: I, Judas, by Taylor Caldwell; reviewed by Kerry Gubb. What can we learn from a fictional autobiography of the traitor?

Drawing first blood, by Nan Kuhlman. The coordinator of the blood drive reminded me that by giving a pint of blood that day, I had saved three lives.

Thinking out loud: Do it anyway, by Barbara Dahlgren. Life is full of things you will have to do that you don’t want to do.

Label me loved, by J. Richard Parker. God is not in the condemnation business; he’s in the salvation business, and he’s good at what he does.

Tammy's turn: More than a tool, by Tammy Tkach. God wants more from us than simply doing the job - he wants a relationship with us.

So why go to camp? By Greg Williams and Rick Shallenberger. Grace Communion International sponsors 15 camps and three short-term mission trips.

Funeral for a friend, by Kerry Gubb. God didn’t appear to be wringing his hands, like we tend to.

For the love of God: a pastor's notebook: A new look at passion week, by Rick Shallenberger. The heroes were being remembered for what they did—save lives—not for the suffering they went through as they died.

Nobody prepares you, by Greg Williams. Growing old is one of the great challenges of this life, and death is the enemy because it separates us, if only temporarily, from our loved ones.

Bible Study: The Transfiguration: sneak peek at the resurrection: a study of Mark 9:1-13, by Michael Morrison.


February-March 2010

Cover story: Church: Some Assembly Required. By John Halford. Why do I feel I should make the effort to drive to my relatively distant congregation instead of just ambling to the church across the road?

Editorial: If necessary, use words, by John Halford. The government official had a serious falling out with a young man whom he had mentored for many years and loved like a son.

Regrets? I've Had Quite a Few, by Karl Moore.
     Companion article: Top 10 list of possible
     CEO regrets, for CEOs still "in the saddle"
     All the retiring CEOs said they had no regrets.

Black History Month, interview with Curtis May.
     Companion article: Letter From a Birmingham
     Jail: A Call for Reconciliation. What is the value of Black History month for people who aren't black?

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander; reviewed by Nan Kuhlman

Thinking out loud: Puzzle and Premises, by Barbara Dahlgren. Grandma would try to squeeze a piece into the wrong spot and sometimes hit it with her fist to make it fit.

Tammy's turn: Like a weaned child, by Tammy Tkach. Suddenly I knew what the Psalmist meant.

For the love of God: a pastor's notebook: Praying for my enemies, by Rick Shallenberger. Why did I feel compelled to pray for the man who had caused so much pain?

When Life Sucks, by J. Michael Feazell. One of our greatest plagues is that of anxiety, that old fiend that manifests itself in fear, worry, frustration, dread, and the like.

Underlining life, by Geoffrey Miller. The underscored text led me to places I didn't want to go, to things I didn't want to think about.

PD & Me, by Sue Berger. PD has a problem. No matter where she hides the toy, she can tell where it is.

Vacation or Mission? Do short-term mission trips do anyone any good? By Janet Morrison. Often, the greatest benefit is for the people who go.

The day I fired myself, by Nan Kuhlman. I confessed Jesus as Lord and Ruler, but I acted as if I was the one responsible for everyone.

Bible Study: Everyone must die!: a study of Mark 8:27-37, by Michael Morrison.  Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Christos


December 2009 / January 2010

Cover story: Christmas: What Jesus' Incarnation Shows Us About Being Human. By Rick Shallenberger
companion articles: A Fresh Look at "Nothing," and
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, by Steve Schantz

Editorial: Goodwill to all men?, by John Halford.

The Bond of Love, by Eric Wilding. As we get older, we want to know how God relates to us, but also how the Persons of the Trinity relate to each other. The apostle Paul calls the Holy Spirit "the bond of peace."

Dr. Proverb, by Jeff Broadnax. What do you call a physician who created a musical genre called HealthHop, designed to teach medical information to young people?

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: Grace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in the Christian Life, by Steve McVey; reviewed by Barbara Dahlgren

In Other Words: Dze kotoku medea Kratsi o, by Kalengule Kaoma. If you are going to Kratchi, you should make the trip worthwhile.

Thinking out loud: Small Things, by Barbara Dahlgren. The new temple  seemed small and pitiful compared to the old one. But it was still important.

"He Oughta' Be Shot!" by Sheila Graham. "It's terrible when someone calling himself a man of God acts that way."

Hindsight: Faith Reframing Tragedy, by Kerry Gubb. God can still hear the beauty in her singing, even if others cannot. Isn't that who it's really for?

The Nightingales of Bangladesh, by Roger Lippross. The nightingale bird shares its beautiful song unconditionally, wanting nothing in return except that you enjoy its music.

Remember to Breathe, by Joyce Catherwood. Our daughter asked us if we realized that we were giving our granddaughter tacit approval for a tattoo. Uh, no... That had gone completely over our heads.

Blessed Are the Includers, by Brent Meranda. My son gripped my neck with a death hug and would not let go.

A High School Reunion Story, by Greg Williams. After 30 years, it just doesn't matter who has the biggest house or the fastest car. We are aware of more important things.

Rain to Rainbows, by Tammy Tkach. Have you ever known someone who couldn't stand to see others blessed?

Bible Study: "The time has come for my departure": a study of 2 Timothy 4, by Michael Morrison.  Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Kairos.


September-November 2009

Cover story: It can't be depression... I'm a Christian. But it can, and you need to know how to recognize it and what to do about it. By Mark Mounts, LPC.

Editorial: How to be effective and memorable, by John Halford. Show or tell people something they don’t know, about something they are interested in, in a way they can understand.

The Yoke Was on Me! By Kerry Gubb. Poor exegesis and my enthusiasm for a metaphor had misrepresented the extent of Jesus Christ’s mediation.

The Lady with the Lamp. By Bernie Schnippert. For about 20 minutes two years ago, in a hospital room, in the middle of the night, I was visited by "the lady with the lamp."

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: Magnificent Desolation, by Buzz Aldrin; reviewed by John Halford. It is a story about the conquest of inner space.

In Other Words: Mako Ndi Mako, by Kalengule Kaoma. Your mother is still your mother even if one leg is shorter than the other.

Thinking out loud: God's Masterpiece, by Barbara Dahlgren. being God’s "workmanship" has deeper meaning than God bringing us into existence.

Silk Purses From Sows' Ears, by Al Doshna. Some lessons from "the worst movie ever made."

Home Base: How Are You Today?, by Jeb Egbert. "I'm teaching him that he should begin his conversations by demonstrating an interest in others."

Mirror, Mirror, by J. Michael Feazell. What we see in the mirror is not what we really are.

Worth a Million Words, by Mike Swagerty. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a visit is worth a thousand pictures.

Give Now? By Mathew Morgan. Why do some people respond to uncertain economic times with generosity?

Bible Study: Staying on Track When Others Are Not: a study of 2 Timothy 3, by Michael Morrison.  Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Theopneustos. Some of the strongest evidence for the gospel is the example set by people who believe it.

Hmm...  Jesus Christ died for you precisely because you are sinful and utterly unworthy of him, and he has thereby already made you his own...

June-August 2009

Cover story: Duty of Care? What is the Christian responsibility to the environment? By Dennis P. Gordon. Will God simply discard the material world? Does it exist simply to serve our needs?

Editorial: The Church's Leaky Basement, by John Halford. Are we more concerned with sin, than with salvation? What are our priorities?

Where Are We Now in Prophecy? By J. Michael Feazell. Is this the "end time"? What should we be doing about it?

New Glory: How becoming a citizen helped me understand the Christian faith better. By John Halford. "My whole attitude toward the law changed. I wanted to live up to the finest ideals of my adopted country."

Letters to the editor

I've Been Reading: I Don't Believe in Atheists, by Chris Hedges; reviewed by Neil Earle. Some atheists seem to have a fundamentalist mind-set.

Thinking out loud: Text Speak, by Barbara Dahlgren. Acronyms can be useful in communicating with a new generation.

Home Base: Go Ahead—Spend, Spend, Spend, by Jeb Egbert. Creative ways to spend time with your family.

In Other Words: Ever See Roasted Corn Grow?, by Kalengule Kaoma. Roasted corn is a metaphor for good deeds, which produce more good deeds.

She Made Home Happy: An important lesson from an unusual epitaph. By Kenda Turner. What was the secret of her happiness?

A Message the World Forgot, by Neil Earle. Forty years ago, one man on the moon spoke unforgettable words. The other did something equally momentous.

Confessions of a Youth Evangelist, by Greg Williams. Do we form relationships for an ulterior motive, or is the relationship important in itself?

Give Me a Break! by Sue Berger. I look at the hand-written IOU, tempted once again to just throw it away.

Bible Study: Work Hard for the Lord: a study of 2 Timothy 2, by Michael Morrison.  Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Orthotomeo.
If God's church had a foundation stone, what would be written on it?

Hmm...  Think of the vision at the end of Revelation. It isn’t about humans being snatched up from earth to heaven.

April/May 2009

Letters to the editor. As we expected, we received many letters and emails about the material on creation and evolution in the last issue.

I've Been Reading: Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women, by Bruce Marchiano; reviewed by Ruth Miller. This book challenges a host of misconceptions about what Jesus really came to do.

The Gentle Giant, interview with Richard Kiel by Alan Doshna. Richard Kiel is probably best known as the actor who played the horrific “Jaws” character in the James Bond films. But appearances can be deceptive.

Grace: A License to Sin? by Mike Feazell. When you trust God to love you and forgive you, you want to be like Jesus; you don’t want to sin.

Thinking out loud: How to Fix People, by Barbara Dahlgren. Being a Christian is not really difficult if you don’t have to deal with people.

From the Cornfields to the City: How a Small Church Reinvented Itself, by Ken Williams. They decided that they were in the wrong community. They needed to move.

Her Beauty and Her Terror, by Kerry Gubb. When a wall of fire is bearing down on you at 200 miles an hour, it rearranges your priorities.

Home Base: My Mother's Prayer, by Jeb Egbert. When I finally put all the pieces together, I did what most 6-year-old boys would do…burst into tears.

In Other Words: Lozi Proverb, by Kalengule Kaoma. Bring your cattle so our riches will add up.

Speaking of Life... with Joseph Tkach. The crown of thorns - we are joined to Jesus in the crucible of suffering.

Bible Study: The Resurrection Body: a study of 1 Corinthians 15:35-58, by Michael Morrison.  Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Psychikos. To Greeks steeped in ancient philosophy, this made no sense. Why would God mess up the afterlife by putting people back into their defective bodies?

Hmm...  Think of the vision at the end of Revelation. It isn’t about humans being snatched up from earth to heaven.

February/March 2009

Letters to the editor

Editorial: In search of the God of the gasps, by John Halford. We need a sense of wonder at what God has created.

Cover story: Creation and evolution? How did God bring about the rich variety of species on earth? Almost 150 years ago Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species. The debate between science and religion has been fast and furious ever since.

Should "Intelligent Design" be taught in the science classroom? By Dennis Gordon. The Vatican’s chief astronomer said that “Intelligent Design” isn’t science.

Little Stars: a story of love, faith and vision from Thailand. By John Halford. Education brought them both to the gospel. So, they decided, education would be the tool they would use to reach others.

Home Base: Washing your children in the Word, by Jeb Egbert. What are some ways we can help our children or grandchildren learn the Bible and memorize scriptures that contain words of life?

It could happen to you! By Mat Morgan. One of the most disruptive and fearful situations that we will face in our lives is the sudden loss of a job.

I thought I would lose my job! By Ken Williams. A few months ago my supervisor reluctantly informed me that I could be unemployed by the end of the year.

Thinking out loud: Using knowledge wisely, by Barbara Dahlgren. I asked, “How do you feel all these findings have enhanced your walk with Jesus Christ?”

The audacity to hope, by Jeffrey Broadnax. As an African American, I am humbled by the sweat, tears and blood of those whose impassioned struggle enabled my children and me to live in a nation where we are judged primarily by the content of our character.

The Forgettery, by Nanette Kuhlman. “He must have filed it in his Forgettery,” my husband says.

In Other Words: “Mvula ikakuona lisilo sikhata,” by Kalengule Kaoma. The rain won't stop until it washes you clean.

I preached the Sermon on the Mount, by Ken Slade. They’ll never believe this when they hear it back home—Jesus’ sermon with an Aussie accent!”

I've Been Reading...: Theistic Evolution, reviews by John Halford. Five books that help explain this view.

Bible Study: Paul's Farewell Letter: a study of 2 Timothy 1, by Michael Morrison. Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Syneidesis. Paul gives his last instructions to the closest thing he had to a son.

Hmm... Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

December 2008/January 2009

The Shepherd's Story, by John Halford and Mike Feazell

Does God Hate Christmas? By Joseph Tkach. Let's look at four arguments used against Christmas and explain why each one does not stand up.

Anger: A Battle We Can Win, by Neil Earle. Here are five principles that can help us deal with stress and strain.

Thinking out loud: The Irony of It All, by Barbara Dahlgren.

Living Today, by Randall Bourchier. A magazine helps a congregation become part of the community.

The Second Best Christmas Gift, by Mat Morgan

I've Been Reading...: The Jesus Legend, by Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory Boyd; review by Dennis Gordon

Bible Study: The Coming of the Lord: a study of 2 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11, by Michael Morrison. Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Parousia


October/November 2008

  • Letters to the editor A selection of letters from Australia.

  • I've Been Reading...: Who Stole My Church? What to do when the church you love enters the 21st century, by Gordon MacDonald; reviewed by Barbara Dahlgren.

  • Editorial: Doing what comes "naturally," by John Halford. The process of becoming an American citizen is called "naturalization."

  • Cover story: So how did it go? A report from the Philippines from the four young people we interviewed in our previous issue. Companion article: Benefits of a short-term mission trip.

  • Revelation: It's no mystery, by Mike Feazell. John says his book is written about things that would take place soon after he wrote. What would his readers think?

Theater of the Imagination, by Kenda Tuner. Little did I know that we were having fun participating in a centuries-old form of theater.

Home Base: Parenting "Do Over" for Grandparents, by Jeb Egbert. I ask the grandparents, If you had to do it over, what would you change?

"When I am Bigger..." by Pat Halford. My 4-year-old granddaughter asked, "Do you want me to pray for you?"

In Other Words: If you hide the sickness, you hide the treatment, by Kalengule Kaoma. Are we hiding our needs from the people who want to help us?

The most important election ever, by Eric Wilding. The Christian doctrine of election involves a choice made by God. For Karl Barth, this was the truth on which all other Christian truths are built.

Speaking of life...with Joseph Tkach. The gospel offers the greatest hope.

Bystander: Let the Little Children Come, by Joyce Catherwood. The disciples rebuked the parents, but Jesus rebuked the disciples.

Thinking out loud: one Christian's (a)musings about everyday life: What, Why, When, How, Where, Who, by Barbara Dahlgren. Everyone has a story to tell, if you ask the right questions.

From both sides now, by Sheila Graham. When I was in California, my values were considered conservative. When I moved to Texas, some considered them liberal.

The untold "unstory" of Trophimus, by Kerry Gubb. Not very impressive, but that's the point.

Bible Study: Living a holy life: a study of 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12, by Michael Morrison. Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Porneia


August/September 2008

  • Letters to the editor We often get letters asking us to print the magazine in larger type.

  • I've Been Reading...: The Year of Living Biblically, by A.J. Jacobs; review by John Halford. He exposes just why a legalistic approach just does not work.

  • Editorial: Who's Who?, by John Halford. Let me introduce "the rest of us" who put this magazine together?

  • Cover story: Winning from the start, by Ned and Tina Graham. We always wondered by the Special Olympics were called special. We found out why when we attended the events in Shanghai.

Speaking of life...with Joseph Tkach. Was Elijah really a man like us?

Bystander: The sword, by Joyce Catherwood. Simeon had predicted that a sword would pierce me, and now I felt it.

The scarred frog blanket, by Shiela Carmel Miller. The hole in the poor frog's face looked like it had been stitched up by Dr. Frankenstein.

Mission Bound. In a few weeks, a group of young Christians will visit the Philippines on a short-term mission trip. We interviewed four of them to see what they expect.

Urge Protection, by John Halford. We have surge protectors for sudden voltage increases. But what about sudden urges?

In Other Words: Mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni!, by Kalengule Kaoma. Even the worst things come to an end.

Who's Afraid of the Schizophrenic God? By Neil Earle. Many Christians seem to think that the Father is worried about the law, and the Son has a more merciful attitude.

Christian Odyssey Interview: Talking with Paul Young, author of the best-selling The Shack. "I'm the most accidental author you'll ever meet."

Church History: The Council of Chalcedon and the "Two Natures" Controversy, by Paul Kroll. Apollinaris said that Jesus had two natures—one human and one divine.

Home Base: Jesus loves them, this I know, by Jeb Egbert. The disciples hindered the children's access to Jesus. Do we?

Kitchen-Bin Guidance, by Kerry Gubb. Children are fascinated with garbage. Adults often are, too.

Bible Study: Paul's Concern for the Thessalonians: a study of 1 Thessalonians 2;17-3:13, by Michael Morrison. Paul said he was as gentle as a woman nursing a baby.
Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Perichōresis.

Hmm... The line between good and evil is never simply between "us" and "them."

June/July 2008

Free to be, by Mike Feazell. John wasn’t interested in the limelight. He was interested in preparing the way for someone else.

In Other Words: Hand in hand, by Kalengule Kaoma. Just as hands work together for a common purpose, people working together will accomplish much.

It was OK for Timothy, by Kerry Gubb. Timothy had Paul to help him grow. Whom do you have?

Bystander: The great fever, by Joyce Catherwood. We greeted him, filled with anxiety over my mother’s condition.

Developing a spending plan with a "virtual cookie jar" by Brent Baker. Very few people today have a spending plan, or budget, to manage their personal finances.

Saying grace graciously, by Paul Hailey. I don’t think God makes junk food nutritious even when we ask him to.

Mid-life melancholy, by Barbara Dahlgren. We have more, more, more of everything, yet feel less, less, less satisfied.

Church History: Karl Barth: "prophet" to the church, by Paul Kroll. Karl Barth has been called “the most outstanding and consistently evangelical theologian that the world has seen in modern times.”

Home Base: Our children's heroes, by Jeb Egbert. I cherished that time with my dad. It wasn’t what he said to me, and it certainly wasn’t the level of basketball training.

Being human, by Bill Winn. Religion makes people think that being real, being really human, is either wrong or not good enough.

Bible Study: We were not a burden: a study of 1 Thessalonians 2, by Michael Morrison.
Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Ekklesia.

Hmm... A Jewish economist stunned his host by praying, “Lord, I pray that Jews would come to know Jesus Christ."

April/May 2008

In Other Words: Sorting the seed. By Kalengule Kaoma. My mother taught me how to preserve good seed.

"A place where everybody belongs." By John McLean and Kerry Gubb. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd led a bi-partisan motion of apology on behalf of the country.

Fluffing the faith, by Fraser Henderson. Should you be that comfortable with your Bible?

Getting Real, by Mike Feazell. Life has much more to offer than "keeping up appearances."

Speaking of Life: The perfect communicator, By Joseph Tkach. God has taken the initiative for us to know him.

Celebrating "Holland," by Brenda Gordon. "Welcome to Holland" is an insightful essay about giving birth to a disabled child.

Bystander: Lunch basket extraordinaire, by Joyce Catherwood. I gave the basket to my son and gently pushed him toward Jesus.

Church History: Irenaeus and the second-century church, by Paul Kroll. The most important theologian of the second century.

Buddy—the Mighty Lizard Hunter, by Steve Schantz. Be willing to lose your rear end!

Encounter 2008. Near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Look Again: Sharing in Jesus' life, by C. Baxter Kruger. Sin is insisting that Jesus repent and believe in us.

Home Base: The Gift, by Jeb Egbert. Dr. Egbert begins writing a new feature on parenting.

Bible Study: Do good to all: a study of Galatians 6, By Michael Morrison. Be a benefactor, especially in the church.
Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Katartizo.


February/March 2008

In Other Words: When Trees Grow Together. By Kalengule Kaoma. Those who grow together rub against each other.

The Beauty Within, by Anne Gillam. Reaching for a rock is a natural movement of my hand.

Bystander: I Am Pilate's Wife, by Joyce Catherwood. From my window, I could see the judgment seat...and Jesus.

Odyssey Interview: Acting Wisely During a Recession: a conversation with Brent Baker. We should really get our finances in order whether or not a recession is likely.

In Remembrance of What? by John Halford. When we examine ourselves, what do we focus on?

Look Again: Forgiveness and Faith, by C. Baxter Kruger. Thomas Erskine solved a critical and practical theological problem for me.

Running Away From Intimacy, by Mark Mounts. We are supposed to handle difficult moments well, so why don't we?

Church History: William Seymour and the Rise of Pentecostalism, by Paul Kroll. In April 1906, a momentous revolution in Christianity began in a ramshackle part of Los Angeles.

Speaking of Life: Come Just As You Are? By Joseph Tkach. God sees our best and our worst, and he loves us anyway.

Bible Study: The Purpose of Freedom: A Study of Galatians 5, By Michael Morrison. Do not use freedom to serve yourself, but serve others.
Companion article: The Greeks had a word for it: Sarx.


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