Letters, November-December 2005

‘God told me’

It has been some time that I have left the brotherhood of the church, yet I still read the messages through the website.

I was reading Mike Feazell’s article on "God Told Me" (October), and I was surprised that many things he mentioned were the same as I believed to be true. And yes, I learned a couple of other things, especially with the way he ended the article.

Thank you all for still being there.

Juan Ramos - Internet

The article "God Told Me" by Mike Feazell is much appreciated. I grew up in a Christian group that taught us to constantly claim our circumstances were either due to the "leading of the Lord," or (if it was something not to our liking) it must have been the Enemy. I squirm remembering the times I declared that God told me this or that.

As an adult I have been influenced by other churches and healthier Christians; and now I feel differently when I hear the same talk. Where do we get off thinking we can speak for God and lightly throw his name around? Unfortunately, I think that it turns unbelievers away from Christ.

Of course, he is bigger than our childish errors. I am thankful to have been shown otherwise in that area, and I was happy to hear from someone with similar convictions.


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