Letters, February 2006

Why write to Odyssey?

Editors know that one of the most popular pages in any magazine is "Letters to the Editor."

I suppose readers enjoy it because they like to see what others are thinking. Editors value it because a letter (or e-mail) represents an opinion — feedback — evidence that someone out there is reading the magazine and has something to say about it.

Maybe they agree. Perhaps they disagree. Or they have a suggestion that would improve the magazine. Or they just have something to say and want to say it.

So, although space is tight, we intend to make space for some "Letters to the Editor" in each issue. Actually, this issue was quite easy — we didn’t get any.

Well, that’s not quite true. We got some changes of address and other routine things. But nothing that could make an interesting "Letters" page.

So how about it? Keep it short and to the point, and I promise we’ll read it. Make it interesting and we may publish it. Abraham Lincoln once said, "It is the man who does not want to express an opinion whose opinion I want." We do too.

Over to you.

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