Letters, August-September 2006

Your magazine stands out in excellence in two ways: 1) as a quality magazine of beauty, 2) with articles of quality for people who are serious about growth and learning.

PR email

The new name “Christian Odyssey” certainly denotes the purpose of the magazine by taking the reader on many voyages. The magazine is very attractive with full color and well-planned layout. Christian Odyssey invited me to browse; then browsing led to reading articles.

I haven’t read all of the articles, but the ones that I have read were easy to read, interesting, short, and to the point. Thanks to all involved in producing Odyssey! Please continue to take us to many places as we journey with you.

ML email

Christian Odyssey is a like a “breath of fresh air” to our denomination. It is a magazine we can be proud of and would be happy to share with others outside our denomination! The tangible quality of paper being used and the color photos enhance the message of the written material, which points us to Jesus and his grace and mercy.

LP California

Just received the new edition of Odyssey. Great issue! I’m really pushing it as an evangelistic tool for our folks. We plan to link our local church website to your website.

GH Ohio

I really enjoy reading Christian Odyssey, but I was disappointed to be unable to read large sections of the magazine because I couldn’t see the material. Perhaps if I mention a few items, you’ll understand what I mean. The “Mary Magdalene” article was impossible to see because the type was so light. The “Letters to the Editor” had the same problem. The questions in “The Faith of an Atheist” were in light blue type, which made them even harder to read. The shine on the paper didn’t help either. Please have mercy on us older folks with less than perfect eyesight and consider making all the type more readable because we look forward to reading all of the magazine.

MP California

Thank you for your constructive comments. Other older readers have made similar comments. We hear you loud and clear and are sorry you had difficulties. There are many aspects that must be taken into consideration regarding the ”look” of a magazine. But anything that gets in the way of its primary purpose — to be read — we’ll throw overboard.

With respect to our older readers, we’ve decided to use a slightly less glossy paper. We’ve also eliminated the typological elements that you have said give you difficulties. See what you think. And if you still find it difficult to see, let us know.

We are never offended by helpful and constructive criticisms about any aspect of Christian Odyssey. Keep them coming.

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