Letters, December 2006-January 2007

I love the format of the new Christian Odyssey. The articles are great and it is a very attractive magazine.

SA, email

Mike Feazell’s thoughts on eternal punishment in "Let God be God" brought desperately needed logic to the subject. I wish every Christian and non-Christian alike could benefit from reading it. The concept that God would cast those who had never heard of Jesus into an eternal hellfire is probably the most destructive belief in all Christendom. It is no doubt responsible for great anguish among Christians who fear for their loved ones, and for many potential converts rejecting Christianity because some of its followers are spreading such a cruel and illogical notion.

MC, email

I serve as a volunteer at a McAlester, OK, nonprofit organization called "Oklahomans for Independent Living." O.I.L. provides instruction, encouragement, transportation and other special services to assist physically challenged people to live their lives as independently as possible. This is a wonderful, loving, caring organization that is seriously concerned about the welfare of the people it serves. When I showed the director of O.I.L. April Hottle’s "Making Friends with the Disabled" in the October/November issue, he expressed his appreciation. What a blessing it would be if everyone who enjoys good health could read this article.

Mr. Mike Ward, our director, has asked me to seek your permission to copy and distribute copies of the article to the public at our community activities. Would you please grant us permission to do so?

RN, email

Yes, of course. We are glad it helped. (Requests for permission to reprint articles from Christian Odyssey should be directed to the Managing Editor, michael.morrison@gci.org.)

The association of our Lord Jesus Christ after in his resurrected body being compared in the same sentence with Harry Potter at the railroad station (August-September, p. 6) was degrading. I understand you are trying to make a point or somehow bring it into today’s perspective. But, frankly I was insulted that those two names could appear in the same sentence.

LS email

J. Halford responds: I assure you no insult was intended, or ever will be. But I think you will agree that it is important to teach the Bible in away that is understood in contemporary culture. Remember the story in Acts when Paul was in Athens. Looking around for a way to attract attention, he saw an altar to an ‘unknown God’. (Acts 17:22) There is no question that the Athenians had dedicated this altar to a pagan deity who they did not know, but were afraid to leave out. Paul used the pagan god to begin to introduce them to the one true God. How is that any different to the way I used Harry Potter?

Thank you for sending me Christian Odyssey. I am enjoying reading it from cover to cover.

DG, Rushville, PA

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