Letters, April-May 2007

I really appreciate the new look. It is much easier to read. Hope it can be permanent. Now if only we can get out of the 14,000 circulation rut.

EN, Missouri

We don’t look at it as a "rut" so much as a challenge — and circulation is increasing. Generous donations like yours allow us to steadily increase the circulation even more.

The December-January issue of Christian Odyssey was tremendous, as each article was filled with something each one of us could do. I would like to suggest one more thing we could do daily and not cost one red cent. Mr. Thomas Morrell stated: "The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example."

JS, email

Do you allow articles to be reprinted? I would like put an article from Christian Odyssey into our organization’s free newsletter. If you do allow for article reprints, is there anything specific that you require?

UN, email

We are glad that our article has been useful to you. Yes, we allow reprinting in most cases. Please tell us the name of your organization, the name and circulation of your newsletter, and the article you want to reprint. We normally require that you give us credit by including our copyright notice.

Thank you very much for the article of Mr. Paul Kroll on Wilberforce — for relating his accomplishment, which could really inspire us. I hope you could also feature his belief on the Sovereign God, so it could also add to our enlightenment.

EN, Philippines

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