Letters, October-November 2007

As usually happens when Christian Odyssey has such a beautiful cover, it disappears. Everybody wants the truth! Could you please replace the August/September issue? I only got as far as the metamorphosis article, and put it down, and when I came back — someone else was enjoying it.

HL, New York

I enjoy reading Christian Odyssey, because the articles are short and captivating, to the point and make sense. In the case of longer articles, a reader may stop reading at some point and never finish the article and miss the point. Thanks for doing a wonderful work with the magazine. God delights in those who have a zeal for doing good work.

LA, South Carolina

Thank you. We do try not to be "heard for our much speaking." But as Albert Einstein once said, "Make things as simple as possible, but not more simple than they are." Some topics do need a bit more space. To condense too far would be to shortchange both the subject and the reader. So if you do see a longer article, you can be confident that it is worth your time.

I really like the magazine Christian Odyssey. I just have one problem with it. On some pages the print is so very light in color and hard to read. I am wearing bifocals and have old eyes. Some other articles are also very light, and on green or red background and are hard to read. Sure hope you can fix this problem.

DB, Maryland

Oops — thank you for reminding us. We do try to make our pages attractive, but readability must be the first priority.

I just read an article in the latest Christian Odyssey written by Dr. Lila Docken Bauman, entitled "The Problem of Forgiveness." I found it to be one of the most powerful and inspiring articles that I have ever read. I would like to thank her for allowing God to use her in such a powerful manner. If my thanks could be conveyed to her, I would appreciate it.

Cleo, email

We are happy to pass on your comment to Dr. Bauman.

When you mention that all are elect — does it mean that every human being will be given a new heart, or will be called and be given God’s Spirit so everyone will believe?

EN, email

There is what appears to be biblical evidence for the future judgment and condemnation of at least some, so we cannot teach universal salvation, as wonderful a hope as that would be. Falling from grace is even given as a warning to Christians (1 Corinthians 3:12-15; 10:12). However, that some might fail to accept and receive salvation and be counted as lost is not to be confused with the question of whether all people are given the opportunity to hear the gospel message and to respond positively to the grace of Christ. While we do not believe in universal salvation, we do teach that in Christ, the Lord makes gracious and just provision for all human beings to hear the gospel and receive Christ, even for those who at death appear not to have believed the gospel.

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