Letters, June - July 2008

“Sinners in the Arms of a Loving God” article was awesome! I keep recommending it to people. But I couldn’t seem to find who authored it. Was this an oversight? If so, could you let me know who the author was?

LO, California

The author’s by-line was inadvertently left off this article. It was written by Paul Kroll.

I truly enjoy Odyssey magazine and appreciate the work you have done towards the spreading of God’s word. I very much enjoyed the article by Mr. William Seymour on the Pentecostal surge in the church today. In regards to speaking in “tongues,” what is your position on this doctrine? It is obviously a significant component in the New Testament Church.

TT, email

We are not a tongues-speaking church and our worship services do not include tongues-speaking. We neither discourage nor encourage tongues-speaking in private or in small groups where everyone agrees to the practice. For articles about spiritual gifts and tongues-speaking, please go to our website at:www.gci.org/spiritual/gifts

My grateful thanks to the author of the article “Sinners in the Arms of a Loving God.” Not only did it share the truth about the biblical “hell” concept, but also revealed a common hypocrisy held by many people professing Christianity. On the one hand these believers eagerly mouth abundant words of praise, honor and adoration towards a God of love, mercy and forgiveness. Yet deep down inside they also harbor a satanic concept of God as a sadistic fiend tormenting his detractors forever and ever — a tragic contradiction to which they seem oblivious. Scriptures like 1 Tim. 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9 and Rom. 11:26 give us a heavenly glimpse into God’s plan for the billions who have never embraced Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I believe this understanding of God’s plan for all mankind is a major gift of hope our denomination has been given to share with the world.

JK, email

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