Letters, June-August 2010

I was born in Port-au-Prince almost 50 years ago. My family’s ancestral home is Jacmel. I was very encouraged and blessed by your article in Odyssey magazine. Thanks so very much. I lost several cousins in the earthquake. I too hope and pray that this tragic event will work to bring the country to where God wants it to be and will be a vehicle to bring Jesus more tangibly to the people.

EL, email

I read your most recent article about forgiving the man who killed your sisters. Seven years ago I was studying about praying for our enemies, and God laid on my heart to contact the man who killed my father. So, I dutifully prayed for him. I prayed the prayer I thought a good Christian would. (Lord, bring someone to his life that will lead him to you.) Before I could get the words finished, I felt a voice in my head (Holy Spirit) say "Why not you?" I argued for half an hour, but eventually I was obedient.

I wrote a letter to the man who killed my father. I was completely honest with him. I told him that I didn’t hate him. I told him that Christ died for all of us. I told him that God doesn’t have a scale for sin, one sin is just as bad as another in his eyes. I told him I was able to forgive him through my faith in Christ’s sacrifice.

A week later I received a letter from him that gave many people in my family closure on this horrible event. He was truly sorry, not sorry because he got caught, but sorry because he took another man’s life. We began writing back and forth. In each letter I shared with him the love of Christ. It was only through his divine strength that I could write these letters and see this man as a man, not the man who took my father’s life.

I also sent him a Bible. About four years ago I received a letter from him that said he had received Christ as his Savior and was working with the prison chaplain to witness to other prisoners. He was beginning a prison ministry. I wanted to share this with you. God is so good. And unless you’ve experienced great loss at the hands of someone else, you can’t fully appreciate just how amazing his grace is.

BC, email

April/May issue

As a pastor, I really appreciate the articles in the April/May 2010 issue of Odyssey magazine. Great stuff — the right stuff for many who still wonder if our future is all that glorious. I was inspired by Paul Kroll’s article on "With What Body Are the Dead Raised?", "Label Me Loved" by Richard Parker, and "The Transfiguration" by Mike Morrison. These are good references when counseling people. I also found the other articles uplifting, especially the one on Haiti. Keep up the good work, y’all (I’m from Alabama).

IM, email

Your magazine is an oasis in a desert of spiritual confusion. Such hope! The article "Where Was God?" by J. Michael Feazell came at just the right moment for me. And thank you for your wonderful website.

AN, email

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