Letters, December 2008-January 2009

I read your article “Revelation: It’s No Mystery” with great interest and delight. You made it simple yet profound. I would like to congratulate you on taking some of the mystery out of understanding the book of Revelation. Thank you for a great magazine.

CM, email

I appreciate the articles by Kalengule Kaoma in “In Other Words.” Though the article is short, it is packed with great wisdom and insight.

AG, email

I just wanted to share our grandparenting journey with you in response to Jeb Egbert’s article “Parenting ‘Do Over’ for Grandparents.”

My husband and I have been raising our beautiful 10-year-old granddaughter for the last 2½ years as her mom, our daughter, is no longer able to due to mental illness. Though it is not a “do over,” it is a chance to “do it better.” Our four adult children were raised, as was mentioned in the article, with too many rules and too much discipline, and not nearly enough simply loving them.

What is so amazing is the grace they have shown us as they see us parent our granddaughter so much differently than we did with them so many years ago…so much more love shown and so much more time given to just listening this time around. They seem to hold no resentments, just love and support as we parent the second time around. Ahhh…the hearts of our children, when we ask for forgiveness, are so ready to grant it.

FN, Minnesota

I have been thrilled to see that your organisation has taken steps toward truth in honest regard for Bible integrity. However I am alarmed that you are now going too far toward accommodating liberal mainstream church teachings. The article “No Contest: Why the Argument Over Genesis?” (June/ July 2007) is teaching liberal Christian views that take away from the truth of Scripture and undermine the whole teaching of original sin and death entering the world through that sin. If we go along with the long-time evolutionary creation nonsense, we agree that death was in existence before the creation of Adam and Eve, and disagree with many New Testament teachings as well as the Genesis truths. That sin brought death into the world must be set aside if we agree with your article. I am very afraid for your organisation and disappointed for you. Your group is heading from the frying pan into the fire. Wake up before it’s too late.

CN, Victoria, Australia

Thank you for your concern. However, we have to agree to disagree over the matter of what you call “long time evolutionary creation nonsense.” We are familiar with “Young Earth” theology, and as you probably realize, we do not find it acceptable as an explanation. In this, we are in agreement with many hundreds of educated Christians in scientific fields.

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