Letters, April-May 2009

Thank you for your focus this past month on the creation account and evolution. I’d been listening to National Public Radio cover Darwin’s 200th birthday celebration and really appreciate how current we are with the subject. You have great material in print as well as on the website!

SS, email

Thank you for your article "Creation and Evolution?" in the February/March 2009 edition of Christian Odyssey; it was thought provoking. I too believe that creation and evolution coexist to a degree, but I didn’t realize that someone had put a name to it (Theistic Evolution).

After reading your article I wonder if you have allowed for the possibility that God created things in various stages of maturity. I think we all believe that Adam was created as a man — not as a baby or a child. Couldn’t God have orchestrated the creation of each piece of the universe to whatever stage of maturity he wanted? And wouldn’t allowing for this possibility change how science views some of its "evidence"? I am ordering a couple of the books on your reading list, and am excited to read them.

MR, email

The Bible is a book of revelation into the supernatural realm of existence, thought and action, subject to the sovereignty of its author. Christianity is essentially a journey of discovery into the divine courtship of God and the children created in his image. Take out the supernatural and we’re bound to the rational world views featured in the article.

GO, Australia

As we expected, we received many letters and emails about the material on creation and evolution in the last issue. Our position is as we explained at the end of the main article: we believe that when the Bible and scientific discovery appear to conflict, that one or the other has been misunderstood. Therefore, we do not deny the evidence from science that indicates a long history of life on this planet. We believe that only God can create life, and that the Creator has not revealed exactly how he has done it. —Editor

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