Letters, June-August 2009

I read with interest your articles about the afterlife in Christian Odyssey. My understanding of this subject was greatly illuminated after reading the book, Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. He researched more than 100 books on the subject before writing his. I found it to be a captivating, and quite believable read.

RD, email

Please pass along my thanks to Mike Feazell for his insightful and hard-hitting article, “Grace: A License to Sin?” Like Mike, I am continually amazed by the fear of many believers that God’s grace given freely to sinners will only incite them to sin more. I love Mike’s line: “…as though lack of license has ever stopped anybody from sinning.”

Even though God’s grace and love are spoken of over and over again as the means by which believers come to enjoy freedom in Christ, too many people seem to limit the power of God’s Spirit to inspire believers in freedom to obey from the heart — instead thinking that godly freedom will somehow lead automatically to disobedience.

LB, email

I love your magazine, but I am in my 80s and I find the print rather small to read comfortably. Do you have any suggestions?

AD, email

Some elderly readers download the issue from our website and then increase the print size. Well, actually they probably get their grandchildren to do that for them. We are working on providing a “printer friendly” version online.


Thank you for your editorial and the informative article, “Creation and Evolution?” The point is that science and a proper understanding of Scripture do not conflict.

JM, New York

The April-May issue focused on the resurrection. It included an article about a man who survived the bush fires in Australia. His words might well be echoed again in the resurrection: “We’re alive!” None of the other details matter.

MM, email

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