Letters, September-November 2009

I want to heartily thank the writer(s) of the new booklet A Brief Introduction to Trinitarian Theology. As well as the solid foundation of Christian theology that was expounded, I was especially delighted to see the truth about what is "Judgment Day."

I pray that the article will profoundly encourage the many who view the judgment with such fear and trepidation. It is the very first time that I have ever seen that marvelous good news in print!… This booklet is truly a godsend to the world.

Keep up the good work.

JK, email

Thank you, on behalf of all who worked on the booklet. We must have beautiful feet (see our December 2007 editorial), because Isaiah 52:7 says, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Jesus had great-looking feet, too. People in first-century Judea had heard about Judgment Day, and that idea did not seem like good news to most of them. So they flocked to the Good Shepherd, who brought a much more optimistic message. Jesus revealed a Father who is out to save us, not one who wants to punish us (John 3:16-17).

If you would like a copy of this booklet, see www.gci.org/god/revealed. Subscribers who live in the United States may get a free copy by phoning our toll-free number, 1-800-423-4444.

I just read your article, "New Glory," in the June-August Odyssey. It made me cry because I understand the experience so well! I came to the States in 1969 from Germany. In 1997, a few months after my husband died, I finally became a citizen. My husband was glad to know that I was in the process for citizenship, as it was the assurance that I would remain in America with our sons, after he’d leave this world.

I understand about "this is my country now" and "wanting to do right" and "defending America" and "honoring America," etc. When I come home after travelling abroad, I "proudly" walk in the American line at the airport and show my American passport. This is now my country and I love my country. Comparing this with Christian citizenship is quite appropriate.

MS, email

In your article ("New Glory" June-August 2009 issue) you refer to "The law of God." I assume you mean the law given to ancient Israel through Moses…. If you look carefully through those scriptures you’ll find that…this Law was given strictly to Israel plus those gentiles living within its borders. Most of the citizens of this earth were never asked by God to keep the law given through Moses.

AP, email

John Halford responds: I think you might have missed the point. I said "So why would a citizen of the kingdom of God want to live contrary to its laws and way of life as revealed by Jesus?" I was referring to what the Bible calls the law of love and the law of liberty.

Thanks again for your website and magazine, Christian Odyssey. The articles I have read have helped me to understand with new clarity the grace we share in Christ, and the hope set for us in him. I hold all of you in my prayers continually.

TS, email

Bravo to Mike Feazell for his "Where Are We Now in Prophecy?" Such no-nonsense, plain speaking is a breath of fresh air, and is much appreciated. The brilliant ending brought forth a hearty "Good on yer, Mike!"

KS, Western Australia

I have enclosed a cheque for $40 as a donation towards Christian Odyssey magazine. I find this an excellent publication — very thought-provoking and contains articles which challenge a lot of past beliefs. It is most encouraging and puts a lot of things into perspective.

LL, New Zealand

I have one question about the wording of a sentence in the article "Duty of Care" (June-August 2009). On pages 7-8 the author states, "Happily, the environmental distress experienced by creation was resolved by the death and crucifixion of Jesus, but the age to come has not yet fully arrived." Not only does the order of "death" and "crucifixion" seem reversed, but I wonder if the author meant to say "death and resurrection" (or even including ascension). While the crucifixion/death is certainly a key step in the redemption of all creation, it seems that the reality of a new life (resurrection/ascension) is needed to complete the redemptive process.

LB, email

Thank you. That should indeed have read "death and resurrection."

I noticed the quote box associated with my article in the June-August issue (page 20, print edition). Usually those seem to be quotes taken from out of the article, but in this case it has nothing to do with it. That’ll be a good head-scratcher for readers as they try to figure out what that quote has to do with the article… nothing!

Sue Berger

Sorry about that, Sue. It was a carryover from a previous issue that we missed in the editing process.

I received Christian Odyssey yesterday and finished the whole magazine. Your magazine is truly incredible and awe-inspiring. I feel the men and women who wrote this are inspired by God. The truths in it are just what I need right now. I’ve been a practicing Christian for 51 years but have never understood things so clearly. God bless you.

JS, phone call

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