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From My Heart to Yours

Mission/Purpose We are all capable of living out of mission.

Bridging the Gap Sharing Our Strengths From One Generation to Another.

My World

Agreeing to Disagree We can learn a lot from the story of Paul and Barnabas.

If I Were God Only he knows...

Rejection. God created us for acceptance, not rejection.

Remembering God God remembers me even when I forget Him (Isaiah 49:15-16).

Changed Lives. My husband and I were once privileged to share a meal with Jaime Escalante.

Living in the Present If we live in the past or the future, we can miss out on what God has for us today.

Listening "I know you can't do anything about it, but could you please listen?"

The Abundant Life When Jesus promised an abundant life, what was he saying?

Rumor Has It Spreading rumors is like scattering feathers in the wind.

Keeping Perspective. We might prefer that things stay the same, but sometimes it's better for them to change.

Jumping to Conclusions. "Things are not always what they appear to be."

Be Ye Perfect We are already perfect because of what Christ has done.

The Storms of Life While it may be convenient to blame our storms of life on the devil, God is the one ultimately in control.

Do it anyway Life is full of things you will have to do that you don’t want to do.

Puzzle and Premises Grandma would try to squeeze a piece into the wrong spot and sometimes hit it with her fist to make it fit.

Small Things The new temple seemed small and pitiful compared to the old one. But it was still important.

God's Masterpiece being God’s "workmanship" has deeper meaning than God bringing us into existence.

Text Speak Acronyms can be useful in communicating with a new generation.

How to Fix People Being a Christian is not really difficult if you don’t have to deal with people.

Using knowledge wisely I asked, “How have all these findings enhanced your walk with Jesus Christ?”

The Irony of It All

Thinking Out Loud: one Christian's (a)musings about everyday life: What, Why, When, How, Where, Who Everyone has a story to tell, if you ask the right questions.

Mid-life melancholy We have more, more, more of everything, yet feel less, less, less satisfied.

I've Been Reading: Grace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in the Christian Life, by Steve McVey; reviewed by Barbara Dahlgren

I've Been Reading...: Who Stole My Church? What to do when the church you love enters the 21st century, by Gordon MacDonald; reviewed by Barbara Dahlgren.

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