The place of obedience in the Christian life

The old and new covenants

What about the Sabbath?

What about worship on Sunday?

Should Christians keep the annual festivals God gave Israel?

Articles about other laws

A series of Bible studies about Old Testament laws

Book: Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing: Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians?

Chapter 1. The strange variety of Old Testament laws
Chapter 2. Does God make mistakes?
Chapter 3. Circumcision: a new way to keep an old law
Chapter 4. The eternal validity of God’s law
Chapter 5. A Christian council about Old Testament laws – a study of  Acts 15
Chapter 6. The biblical explanation: The new covenant makes some biblical laws obsolete
Chapter 7. Hebrews and the change in covenants – a study of Hebrews 7-10
Chapter 8. “The law is holy, just and good” – a study of Matthew 5
Chapter 9. Was the Sabbath commanded at creation?
Chapter 10. The Sabbath and the Ten Commandments
Chapter 11. The prophets and the Sabbath
Chapter 12. Jesus and the Sabbath: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Chapter 13. Example of the apostles
Chapter 14. Paul and the Sabbath – a study of Col. 2, Rom. 14, and Eph. 2
Chapter 15. A better way to rest –  a study of Hebrews 3-4 – and miscellaneous questions
Chapter 16. Sabbath and Sunday in the early church
Chapter 17. The role of the Ten Commandments in Christian life – a study of 2 Cor. 3
Chapter 18. Mildew, meats, and cleanliness
Chapter 19. Annual festivals
Chapter 20. Tithing – including a study of 1 Cor. 9
Chapter 21. Behavioral expectations in the new covenant
Appendix 1: Brief answers for questions about the Sabbath
Appendix 2: For further reading