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Because research and our experience show that being coached greatly enhances ministry effectiveness, GCI Church Administration and Development (CAD) trains coaches to serve GCI ministry interns, first-time employed pastors and church planters. Coaches are provided to other pastoral leaders for a small fee. If you are interested in being trained as a coach or in being coached, email CAD ministry coaching coordinator Anthony Mullins at

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What is ministry coaching?

A skilled, Spirit-led ministry coach, in relationship with the minister…

  • Guides to discovery.
  • Listens to understand.
  • Celebrates achievement/discovery.
  • Stands beside to draw out.

Coaching sessions typically have 5 parts:

  • Relate: build trust/understanding.
  • Reflect: analyze actions, discover strengths and weaknesses, recognize lessons learned.
  • Refocus: determine priorities, goals and steps foward.
  • Resource: identify tools needed to stay on track.
  • Review: evaluate and adjust goals and plans, celebrate victories.

What are the benefits?

  • Receive an informed opinion from a coach with no vested interest in the situation's outcome.
  • Have your eyes opened to what you can't (or won't) see.
  • Receive a compassionate and confidential "ear" where frustrations can be vented.
  • Receive reality checks concerning your vision, values and strategies.
  • Get help dealing with conflict.
  • Get help implementing plans.
  • Have someone ask the questions others aren't.
  • Get help developing ministry strategies.
  • Get help balancing ministry with family life.


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