How to Create a DVD from an ISO File

ImgBurn DVD Burning Software

ImgBurn is free software for writing an ISO-format DVD to a DVD disk. You must have a drive capable of writing to DVD media to use this.
How to install ImgBurn:

  1. Click here to download ImgBurn
  2. Open/Run the file you downloaded
  3. Click next to go through the install. You can uncheck options you don't want (like an icon on the desktop or quicklaunch area).

How to use ImgBurn

  1. Download a DVD program in ISO format, saving it somewhere you can find.
  2. Insert a blank DVD
  3. Use My Computer to find the file you downloaded.
  4. ImgBurn buttonRight click on it and choose "Burn Using ImgBurn" (or if that option isn't available, right click on it and click "Open With" and then click ImgBurn).
  5. Click the button to burn to DVD shown to the right.

For more information, try the official ImgBurn web site:

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