Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 1989. He is Professor of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews in Edinburgh, Scotland. For a PDF of all three of our interviews with him, click here. Among his books are: 
__Faith Thinking: The Dynamics of Christian Theology (SPCK/IVP, 1995)
__Regarding Karl Barth: Toward a Reading of His Theology (Paternoster, 1999/IVP, 2000)
For more, see his page at St Andrews:

__The Waiting Father: Thomas Erskine of Linlathen (St Andrew Press, 1993)
__Justice the True and Only Mercy: Essays on the Life and Theology of Peter Taylor Forsyth (T & T Clark, 1995)
__Hope Against Hope: Christian Eschatology in Contemporary Context (with Richard Bauckham; Eerdmans, 1999)

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