Pocket History of Theology

Pocket History of Theology

by Roger E. Olson and Adam C. English

Reviewed by Paul Kroll

I've just finished reading a fascinating and informative book called the Pocket History of Theology by Roger E. Olson, a respected professor of theology, and Adam C. English, an assistant professor of religion.

I know, theology is a boring subject. But, wait! Don’t turn the page. Theology is an exciting subject because it’s central to our Christian lives, and so is knowing something about the history of the church, our heritage.

bookStudying historical theology connects us to two millennia of history and the ancestral people of our church.

Theology is our study about God — how to rightly know and speak of him who is our Creator and Savior. Studying historical theology also connects us to two millennia of history and the ancestral people of our church.

This is why I recommend the Pocket History of Theology. It’s a true pocket-sized book of 108 pages, so it’s not a massive tome. I believe you’ll find the book an easy and interesting read, concise and informative. Perhaps even inspirational. The book gives a bird’s-eye view of the main currents of the Christian faith. And it discusses the vital theological issues the church has wrestled with from its beginnings to the present day.

Olson and English present the story of the church’s theological currents as a five-act play. They are: Act I: "A Story Takes Place," Act II: "The Plot Thickens," Act III: "The Story Divides," Act IV: "Reforming, Revising and Rewriting the Story," and finally, Act V, where we catch a glimpse of the state of the church’s theological landscape today in an "Unresolved Plot."

Have a refreshing time in your favorite armchair, on the patio or in the park reading about the history of our Christian faith in The Pocket History of Theology.

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