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Living the Trinitarian Life

Mike Morrison

Living the Trinitarian Life

Love is God's most basic characteristic. The life that he wants to share with us is not just a biochemical existence – he wants us to have a life that is characterized by love – a life of joy and kindness and appreciation.

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Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison has a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is Dean of Faculty and Instructor in New Testament for Grace Communion Seminary. He is the author of Sabbath, Circumcision and Tithing and Who Needs a New Covenant? The Rhetorical Function of the Covenant Motif in the Argument of Hebrews.

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I’ve got a problem.

Actually, I’ve got two problems.

They are kind of personal problems, so I hope you don’t mind me mentioning them.

But you are probably already familiar with them, because you have the same two problems.

The first problem is sin, and the second is death.

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