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John McKenna: The Little Credo of the Great I-AM

Dr. John McKenna

John McKenna: The Little Credo of the Great I-AM

Dr. McKenna talks about the Little Credo of the Great I AM in Exodus 34:6 and the continuity of grace in Old and New Testaments.

(30.2 minutes)
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John McKenna

John McKenna is adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University and Professor at Grace Communion Seminary. He received his Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary, studying under Thomas F. Torrance at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of: The Great AMEN of the Great I-AM: God in Covenant with His People in His Creation. A transcript of his interviews is available here, and a list of his articles on this website is available here

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JMF: Welcome to You’re Included. Today we are going to talk about the grace of God in both the New and the Old Testaments. For our interview today, we have with us Dr. John McKenna. Dr. McKenna is Vice-President and Professor of Old Testament at World Mission University. He is also adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University, and he is doctrinal adviser for our denomination.

Thank you for being with us again, Dr. McKenna.

JM: Thank you, Mike, it’s good to be back with you.

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