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Roger Newell: Insights of C.S. Lewis

Roger Newell

Roger Newell: Insights of C.S. Lewis

Dr. Newell and Mike Feazell discuss the theological insights in C.S. Lewis' fiction.

(31.0 minutes)
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Roger Newell

Dr. Roger Newell is associate professor of religious studies at George Fox University in Oregon. He earned his PhD from Aberdeen University, working with James B. Torrance. He is the author of:
__   The Feeling Intellect: Reading the Bible with C. S. Lewis
__   Passion’s Progress: The Meanings of Love

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Click here for the first interview: Dr. Newell talks about Mary’s response to Gabriel’s announcement that she would give birth to the Son of God. He also discusss the importance of the Incarnation.

And here for the third: Dr. Newell discusses the relationship between theology and German history in the 20th century.

JMF: Thanks for joining us on another edition of You’re Included – the unique interview series devoted to practical implications of Trinitarian theology in today’s complex world. Our guest today is Roger Newell, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at George Fox University and author of Passion’s Progress: The Meanings of Love. Thanks for being with us again, it’s great to have you back. And you’re working on another book and you’re putting the final touches on it right now. Can you tell us about that?

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