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Audio Lectures by Thomas F. Torrance

T.F. Torrance

Audio Lectures by Thomas F. Torrance

These are audio lectures - a series of 10 lectures Thomas F. Torrance gave with the title of "Ground and Grammar of Theology."

(240.0 minutes)
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Lectures given by Thomas F. Torrance in 1981 at Fuller Theological Seminary; posted here with permission from Fuller Theological Seminary and the Torrance estate.

It should go without saying, but just in case: We are in substantial agreement with the content, but we do not necessarily endorse everything that Professor Torrance says.

Lecture 1     
Lecture 2  31:13 Lecture 2 Q&A 
  1:05:44 Lecture 3 
36:22 Lecture 3 Q&A 
  1:05:51 Lecture 4  30:25 Lecture 4 Q&A 
  1:02:39 Lecture 5  31:53 Lecture 5 Q&A 
   54:49 Lecture 6  39:14 Lecture 6 Q&A
   50:16 Lecture 7 44:41 Lecture 7 Q&A
   1:02:10 Lecture 8 26:50 Lecture 8 Q&A
   1:12:48 Lecture 9 21:50 Lecture 9 Q&A
   1:06:44 Lecture 10 34:15 Lecture 10 Q&A
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