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Grounding Preaching in Christ - by Dan Thimell

Dr. Dan Thimell discusses the need to ground all preaching in Jesus Christ. 1.8 minutes.


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Chris Kettler: The Three-Fold Word of God

Chris Kettler

Chris Kettler: The Three-Fold Word of God

The Word of God is threefold: Jesus is the living Word, Scripture is the written word, and preaching is the spoken word. Dr. Kettler discusses the importance of preaching from the written word about the living Word.

(32.0 minutes)
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Chris Kettler

Dr. Christian Kettler is professor of religion at Friends University in Kansas. He received his PhD in 1986 from Fuller Theological Seminary, working with the late Dr. Ray Anderson. He is the author of: 
The God Who Believes: Faith, Doubt, and the Vicarious Humanity of Christ,
Incarnational Ministry: The Presence of Christ in Church, Society, and Family: Essays in Honor of Ray S. Anderson
The Vicarious Humanity of Christ and the Reality of Salvation
The God Who Rejoices: Joy, Despair, and the Vicarious Humanity of Christ

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J. Michael Feazell: Thanks for joining us on another edition of You’re Included, the unique interview series devoted to practical implications of Trinitarian theology. Our guest today is Chris Kettler, professor of theology and director of the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Program at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Kettler is author of The God Who Rejoices: Joy, Despair, and the Vicarious Humanity of Christ. Thanks for being here.

Chris Kettler: Thank you.

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