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Elmer Colyer: How Theology is Relevant to the Church

Elmer Colyer

Elmer Colyer: How Theology is Relevant to the Church

Dr. Colyer talks about the weaknesses of the concordance method of theology, that the Bible is not an end in itself, and Trinitarian theology.

(36.7 minutes)
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Elmer Colyer

Dr. Elmer Colyer is professor of historical theology at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, and pastor of a Methodist congregation. He is editor of The Promise of Trinitarian Theology: Theologians in Dialogue with T. F. Torrance and Evangelical Theology in Transition: Theologians in Dialogue with Donald Bloesch. He is author of How to Read T.F. Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian and Scientific Theology and The Nature of Doctrine in T. F. Torrance’s Theology.

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In his second interview, Dr. Colyer talks about the theology of Thomas Torrance, the vicarious humanity of Christ, and "the logic of grace."

In his third interview, Dr. Colyer discusses predestination and Trinitarian theology. Some people assume that God is the best of our own ideals; others accept him the way he has revealed himself in Christ.

In his fourth interview, Dr. Colyer talks with Mike Feazell about the practical theology of Thomas F. Torrance.

JMF: Thanks for joining us on another edition of You’re Included – the unique interview series devoted to practical implications of a Christ-centered Trinitarian theology in today’s complex world. Our guest today is Elmer Colyer, Professor of Historical Theology and Stanley Professor of Wesley Studies at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and an ordained United Methodist Pastor and elder. Dr.

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