Rod Matthews helps coordinate activities in nations from Afghanistan in the west to French Polynesia in the east; Nepal in the north to New Zealand in the south (although the church is not involved in activities in every country in this region). He is responsible to the denominational president for overall supervision of the activities of the church in the region, except for Australia.

Outside of Australia, the church directly employs only five people —two in India, one in Malaysia and two in New Zealand. Activities in other countries are guided by either local partly-funded or non-salaried pastors or congregational leaders. Designated supervisory and support pastors from other countries make annual or bi-annual visits to the more remote areas. Therefore, there is much individual communication between the Missions Director and the leaders in other countries involving the coordination of resources and events, in addition to the need for routine pastoral supervision and care. Training and pastoral education and member development is important, but especially for those who have very limited contact with colleagues during the year. Therefore, the provision and organizing of conferences, seminars and training weekends and personal visits are part of the annual calendar.

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