Speech Club Manual

Table of Contents


How to Use This Manual

Club Goals and Purposes

Constitution and Bylaws

Get the Most Out of the Club Program

Standard Programs

Lesson 1: This Is My Life

Lesson 2: Speak With Purpose

Lesson 3: Be Crystal Clear

Lesson 4: Add Color

Lesson 5: Get the Facts

Lesson 6: Stir to Action

Lesson 7: A Complete Speech

Lesson 8: Intensity

Lesson 9: Instruct

Lesson 10: Inspire

Lesson 11: Impromptu

Lesson 12: Heart to Heart

Program Impressions (PDF file) (also known as an evaluation slip)

Here’s How to Evaluate

Use Evaluation Slips

New Business Procedure


Be a Successful Toastmaster

Here’s How to Use Language

Increase Your Word Power

Tongue Twisters

Evaluation Record (PDF file)

Entire manual in one pdf file


Welcome to Speech Club! As a member, you will enjoy many wonderful opportunities for personal development and for building strong friendships!

This club will help you improve your ability to speak before others. It will help you add sparkle to your personality. It will help you increase your knowledge of world events, of the Bible, of human relations, of vocabulary. It will help draw you closer in friendship to other members of the club. It will enable you to serve more effectively within the church.

You will have to dedicate yourself to successfully fulfill each speech lesson, and to diligently participate in all the other aspects of club. But the rich rewards in personality growth, confidence, interpersonal relationships, Christian fellowship and personal friendships are well worth your hard work!

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