There is ongoing communication with various ministries and church groups who have seen and appreciated our website and as a result desire further contact. Some request direct association and most are hopeful of material support. The communication process takes time as we strive to see what we can offer within our limited resources with what they need and desire.

In Nepal we have developed a close working relationship with a Kathmandu-based ministry which has planted congregations in many rural areas, especially in the east of the country. We have jointly established a basic medical clinic for the poorest people, focusing on the needs of those working in the brickyards on the outskirts of Kathmandu; and have translated literature into Nepali to provide Biblical educational material for pastors to use in teaching and working with disciples of Christ.

In Pakistan we are assisting an established ministry based in Faisalabad in their programs of evangelism, distribution of Bibles in the local languages and pastoral resources, as well as offering humanitarian assistance in response to natural disasters and the social needs of minorities.

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