Illustrations from Esther, Job, Psalms

Victory over death. Isa. 25:8 Bernhard Plockhorst

Esther. Gottlieb Biermann. Esther 1:1

Vashti's defiance. Alexander Cabanel. Est. 1:12

Vashti banished. Ernest Normand. Est. 1:19

The maidens chosen. Filippino Lippi. Est. 2:8

Esther robed in splendor. Jean Francois de Troy. Est. 2:13

Esther before the king. J. James Tissot. Est. 2:16

Esther crowned queen. 15th century Florence. Esther 2:17

Mordecai reveals the plot. Gerard de Lairesse. Est. 2:22

Mordecai scorns Haman. Ernest Normand. Est. 3:2

Haman plans revenge. Rembrandt. Est. 3:9

Mordecai warns Esther. Felix J. Barrias. Est. 4:15

Esther faints before the king. Rembrandt. Est. 5:1

Esther pardoned. Mariani. Est. 5:2

Haman's great hatred. Tissot. Est. 5:13

The king hears the chronicles. Henry N. O'Neil. Est. 6:1

Mordecai honored. de Troy. Est. 6:11

Esther accuses Haman. Normand. Est. 7:5

Haman condemned. Edward Armitage. Est. 7:8

Haman hanged. L. de Later. Est. 7:10

Mordecai receives the king's ring. Picart. Est. 8:8

Feast of Purim commanded. Melville. Est. 9:20


Job blessed of God. William Blake. Job 1:1

Job's charity. William C.T. Dobson. Job 29:12

Satan denies Job's goodness. Blake. Job 1:8

The herds are stolen. Crispin van den Broeck. Job 1:15

The sheep are killed. John Gilbert. Job 1:16

Job's children die. Dore. Job 1:19

Job's lamentation. Marten van Heemskerk. Job 1:20

Satan smites Job. Blake. Job 2:7

Job's wife laments. Picart. Job 2:9

The three friends arrive. Eberhard Waechter. Job 2:12

Job laments. Dore. Job 3:3

Vision of Eliphaz. Blake. Job 4:2

The rebuke of Bildad. Schnorr. Job 8:2

Zophar condems Job. Tissot. Job 11:3

Job scorns his revilers. Frederic Lix. Job 12:2

Elihu's exhortation. A. Acland Hunt. Job 32:6

God speaks from the whirlwind. Walter Russell. Job 38:1

The Pleiades. Blake. Job 38:31

Behemoth and Leviathan. Blake. Job 40:15

Job's submission

Job's prayer. C. Calthrop. Job 42:8

The latter days of Job. Schnorr. Job 42:12


King David. Wilhelm Ebbinghaus.

"Ask of me" Ferdinand Brutt. Psalm 2:1

God the comforter. Tissot. Ps. 6:8

"When I consider the heavens" Frank Wright. Ps. 8:3

a promise of resurrection. Witold Pruszkowski. Ps. 16:10

The defiance of evil. Jean Zuber. Ps. 18:17

The heavens declare his glory. Albert Rieger. Ps. 19:1

The agony. Joseph Fuehrich. Ps. 22:1

Green pastures. Rosa Bonheur. Ps. 23:2

The triumphal entry. Ernst Deger. Ps. 24:7

"Teach me the way" Plockhorst. Ps. 27:10

"Joy comes in the morning" Johannes Schilling. Ps. 30:5

"Have mercy on me" Schnorr. Ps. 31:9

Rejoice in the Lord. Raphael. Ps. 33:1

"Make me to know my end" A.D. Rahn. Ps. 39:6

"As the deer pants" W. Weimar. Ps. 42:1

The king's daughter. C. von Spanyik. Ps. 45:13

The end of war. Franz Stueck. Ps. 46:8

Nathan pardons David. Fuehrich. Ps. 51:1

Guile of the streets. Tissot. Ps. 55:11

Thirst in the desert. Xavier A. Brendamour. Ps. 63:1

"The little hills rejoice" Claude Gellee called Lorain. Ps. 65:13

"Save me, O God" J. Lafayette. Ps. 69:1

Elders at the gate. Tissot. Ps. 69:12

Death. George Watts. Ps. 71:20

All nations will call him blessed. Franz Zmurki. Ps. 72:17

The thorny path. Pietro Stachiewicz. Ps. 73:26

The wailing wall. Jean Leon Gerome. Ps. 74:9

The power of the storm. Paul Thiem. Ps. 77:17

Teaching the children. Forres Gordon Dingwall. Ps. 78:5

The oppression of Israel. John Sargent. Ps. 83:4

Peace. J. Emil Schindler. Ps. 84:4

The highest born. Carl Gutherz. Ps. 87:6

Angel of mortality. M. Ehrler. Ps. 90:5

They will bear you up. Gutherz. Ps. 91:12

The Sabbath song. Tissot. Ps. 92:12

Psalm of vengeance. L. Leonhard. Ps. 94:1

The cherubs' song. Joshua Reynolds. Ps. 96:11

At heaven's gate. Hans Sandreuter. Ps. 100:4

Bless the Lord. John Harrison Witt. Ps. 103:20

People delight in nature. Fuehrich. Ps. 104:23

Sailor's psalm. Hendrich. Ps. 107:30

At God's right hand. Fuehrich. Ps. 110:1

Idols of the heathen. Henri Paul Motte. Ps. 115:5

Temple sacrifice. Schnorr. Ps. 116:17

The Good Shepherd. Plockhorst. Ps. 119:176

"As a fruitful vine" F.E. Wright? Ps. 128:3

By the waters of Babylon. Martin. Ps. 137:1

The escapes of David. Dore. Ps. 142:5

The universal song. W. Pape. Ps. 148:1

Praise him with organs. Zampieri. Ps. 150:4

Omniscience. Keller. Ps. 139:8

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