GCI Intern Program

Are you a young adult who is interested in exploring Christ's call to serve others in ministry? If so, consider being part of the Grace Communion International (GCI) Intern Program, a 2.5-year-long discipleship experience in which you will:

  • Earn a masters degree in pastoral ministry
  • Engage in practical ministry in the context of a Christ-centered local church
  • Be mentored by a seasoned pastor and life-coach

What is the GCI Intern Program?

As highlighted in the video below, the GCI Intern Program is designed to encourage and build up a new generation of church leaders. The Intern Program is part of the work GCI is doing to equip pastors, church planters and other ministers of the gospel.

Participants in the GCI Intern Program earn a Master's degree in Pastoral Studies at Grace Communion Seminary (some study at other seminaries). In addition to academic studies, interns are embedded in a GCI church community where they are supervised by a seasoned pastor, spending significant time in high school youth ministry, college campus ministry, or community outreach initiatives. While being equipped in practical, local church ministry, interns engage in vocational exploration with the help of a life coach and mentors.

Is it for you?

The GCI Intern Program is for those who desire to be part of a fired-up group of people of all ages seeking opportunities to participate in the exciting movement of the Spirit in and through GCI - a work already extending to almost 100 nations around the world! GCI membership is not required to participate in the program. Here's what is required:

  • A desire to grow in personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the "Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe" (1 Timothy 4:10).
  • A love for people and a yearning to build relationships with them while living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 2:8).
  • A willingness to be placed in an active GCI church for 2.5 years, serving in local ministry and being trained in the ministry principles of incarnational connection (John 1:14), inclusive gathering (Mark 2:2) and intentional discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2).
  • A commitment to raise a portion of your salary (you will be given fundraising training). Your fundraising will be matched by a $7,500 stipend from GCI's GCnext fund ($15,000 annual salary). Ideally, housing will be provided by the host church, although this is not always possible. This lowering your living expenses will enable you to spend your working hours on ministry and seminary studies, without having to get an additional part-time job.

Want to apply?

Applications for the GCI Intern Program are welcome any time. Click here for an application form. Entry into the program begins with a four-day orientation.


We invite you to support the GCI Intern Program by donating to GCI's GCnext fund.

What are its benefits?

  • The chance to participate in an exciting movement bigger than you are, joining together with us in continual and prayerful anticipation for how the Spirit seeks to use GCI as his witness in the kingdom of God.
  • A deeper relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and an adventure of faith in him that will prepare you for the journey of life ahead.
  • Personal guidance to discern God’s call on your life. Along with your assigned pastor-supervisor, you will be matched up with a certified life coach and provided with continual encouagement and assistance from GCI's Intern Program staff.
  • Skills and equipping for practical ministry that can be applied to your future in youth ministry or other expressions of ministry, and which apply to all areas of life in Christ.
  • An accredited seminary Master of Pastoral Studies degree (GCS) at no financial cost to you - your host church picks up the tab! For a sample schedule of program courses, click here. As mentioned above, interns can be admitted to the program from other seminaries. Not only that, we accept candidates without an undergraduate degree through GCI’s online affiliate Ambassador College of Christian Ministry (ACCM) for practical Biblical/theological education.

Other options

The GCI Intern Program is not the only leader development track offered by GCI. We also have a church planting track and a pastoral residency track.

Resources & information

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