Articles About Old Testament Laws

Six reasons to obey God by Michael Morrison
Obeying God by J. Michael Feazell
Role of the law in Christian life by Joseph Tkach
Role of the Decalogue in Christian ethics, by Michael Morrison
What is the law of God for Christians today? by John Curry
    Appendix 1: Matt. 5:17 — How Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?
    Appendix 2: Gal. 3:19 —Were Sacrifices Added Later?
    Appendix 3: Matt. 23:23 — Did Jesus Confirm the Law?

"By calling this covenant `new,' he has made the first one obsolete.... He sets aside the first to establish the second" (Heb. 8:13; 10:9).

The old and new covenants

Covenants in the Bible
The Old Covenant and the Law of Moses
Can Old Covenant Worship Laws Become New Covenant Spiritual “Shadows”?
Comparison of Old and New Covenants
Has the New Covenant Been Made?
The New Covenant in a Nutshell
The New Covenant Is Older Than You Think
Is Tithing Required in the New Covenant?

What Do the Scriptures Say About the Sabbath?

The Christian Sabbath: Divine Rest in Jesus Christ
- a booklet by J. Michael Feazell

Other articles about the Sabbath:
Is there a Sabbath "principle" for Christians to keep?
Can God's Sabbath law be "done away"?
Should we meet on Sundays?
Why the seventh day? - a response to an Adventist
Another letter to an Adventist
The covenants and the Sabbath, part 1: the Old Testament
The covenants and the Sabbath, part 2: the New Testament
From Sunday to Sabbath: the Puritan origins of Sabbatarianism

Sabbath and Sunday in Early Christianity by Michael Morrison

A study of the origins of worship on Sunday by Tom Hanson

Should Christians Keep the Annual Festivals God Gave Ancient Israel?

Many of the study papers on this website have been incorporated into a 300-page paperback book: Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing: Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians?, by Michael Morrison. This book may be ordered from online book- sellers, or viewed on this site.
A book that may be of interest: 

Sabbath in Christ, 438 pages, by Dale Ratzlaff

A link that may be of interest:

Sabbath-Keepers Refuted

Study papers about other laws

14 Bible Studies About Old Testament Laws

Introduction from Joseph Tkach
  1. Christians Obey God
  2. Old Testament Laws Before Moses
  3. Moses and the Old Covenant
  4. Jesus and the New Covenant
  5. The Early Church and the Law of Moses
  6. Paul and the Old Covenant
  7. A Few Examples of Obsolete Laws
  8. Seven Annual Sabbaths
  9. Dietary Laws and Uncleanness
  10. Jesus and the Old Covenant Laws
  11. The Weekly Sabbath — Jesus' Example
  12. The Sabbath in Acts and the Epistles
  13. New Covenant Commands
  14. Salvation by Grace
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