Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing - Appendix 2: For Further Reading

       You might find some of the following materials helpful:


Bacchiocchi, Samuele. From Sabbath to Sunday. Biblical Perspectives, 1987. A book with an unusual theory about early church history, by a Seventh-day Adventist.

Carson, D.A., editor. From Sabbath to Lord’s Day. Zondervan, 1982, or Wipf & Stock, 2000. Scholars examine Scripture and history.

Dorsey, David. “The Law of Moses and the Christian: A New Approach to an Old Problem.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 34 (Sept. 1991): 321-334.

Morrison, Michael. Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians Today? Worldwide Church of God, 1997. Available online at   Also see also the numerous articles at

Ratzlaff, Dale. Sabbath in Christ. Life Assurance Ministries, 2003. A book against the Sabbath, by a former Adventist.

Strand, Kenneth, editor. The Sabbath in Scripture and History. Review & Herald, 1982. A pro-Sabbath book by Adventists.

Strickland, Wayne, editor. Five Views on Law and Gospel. Zondervan, 1996. Chapters are written by Greg Bahnsen, Walter Kaiser, Douglas Moo, Wayne Strickland, and Willem Vangemeren.

Swartley, Willard. Sabbath, Slavery, War and Women. Herald Press, 1983. This book presents arguments for and against four issues as a springboard for discussing the way we interpret the Bible.

Thielman, Frank. Paul and the Law: A Contextual Approach. InterVarsity, 1994. A scholar looks at what Paul wrote.

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