GCI Together

Video interviews with people in Grace Communion International - those who work at our headquarters office in Glendora, California, and those who work in other nations.
John Halford
John Halford, editor of Christian Odyssey, talks about his experiences in the church, visiting more than 100 nations, and making good use of the retirement phase of life. (26.00 minutes)

Previous Programs

Charles Fleming
Mike Feazell talks with Charles Fleming, Mission Director for the GCI/WCG churches in the Caribbean.  (29.00 minutes)
Santiago Lange
We talk with Santiago Lange, National Director of our churches in Germany and Austria and mission director for parts of Europe. (25.00 minutes)
James Henderson
Mike Feazell talks with James Henderson, National Director and for the GCI/WCG churches in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  (25.00 minutes)
Gary Moore
Michael Morrison talks with Gary Moore, national director of the WCG in Canada, and mission director for southern Africa. (27.00 minutes)
Ted Johnston
Mike Feazell interviews Ted Johnston, then director of Generations Ministries. (33.00 minutes)
Curtis May
Mike Feazell interviews Curtis May, director of the Office of Reconciliation Ministries. (28.00 minutes)
Tammy Tkach
Tammy Tkach, wife of GCI President Joseph Tkach, talks about women’s ministry in our denomination. (24.00 minutes)
Rod Matthews and Eugene Guzon
An interview with Eugene Guzon and Rod Matthews, mission developers for Asia. (28.00 minutes)
Kalengule & Nsama Kaoma
Interview with the Mission Developer for Africa, Kalengule Kaoma, and his wife Nsama.  (24.00 minutes)
Joseph Tkach
Mike Feazell interviews our denomination president, Joseph Tkach. (27.00 minutes)