Speaking of Life

Speaking of Life logoDr. Joseph Tkach, president of Grace Communion International, comments each week, giving a biblical perspective on how we live in the light of God's love. Most programs are about three minutes long – available in video, audio, and text.
It seems like everywhere we look these days, we’re hearing about fake news. (2.67 minutes)

Previous Programs

Atheists point out that God cannot be found by means of science. God cannot be measured by scientific instruments -- but neither can science disprove the existence of God. (1.00 minute)
We can't use science to prove that God exists. The only reason that we can know him is that he reveals himself. (1.00 minute)
God is building community – a life of communion with himself and with one another. That's what the gospel is about. (2.73 minutes)
Light works with or without us. We can pretend, or even believe we’re in the darkness, but wherever there is light, the darkness cannot withstand it. (1.00 minute)
Joseph Tkach tells a story from his childhood, when he deserved some punishment, but was given a memorable lesson about grace. (1.00 minute)
In Jesus, we experience what really matters in life – not an endless struggle for power and prestige. (3.05 minutes)
If we take Jesus seriously when he teaches about mercy, we should also take him seriously when he teaches about punishment. (2.80 minutes)
Salvation comes only by grace and not by what we do. The only thing we can do with grace is trust the Giver and accept and embrace the gift. (4.00 minutes)
The Bible presents God through one lens: Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of the Father. (3.22 minutes)
U.S. law allows students and faculty to pray at school all they want, but it also prevents them from making others listen to their prayers if they don’t want to. (3.33 minutes)