You're Included

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long. Although GCI is in general agreement with the interviewees, these interviews are not official statements of GCI doctrines.
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Alister McGrath
Dr. Alister McGrath discusses his journey into the study of science and theology, his discovery of C. S. Lewis, and various issues facing the church today. (31.03 minutes)

Previous Programs

Andrew Root
Dr. Andrew Root talks about relational Youth Ministry arising out of place sharing rather than patterns of influence. (28.00 minutes)
Steve McVey
Dr. Steve McVey shares the theological insights he has gained over the years. (30.00 minutes)
Trevor Hart
There is a place for the various arts and for imagination in the church. (32.00 minutes)
Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling
From the beginning God has wanted his people to bear his image. (31.95 minutes)
Douglas Campbell
Dr. Campbell encourages us to look at the gospel of grace in a new way. He speaks about how the gospel addresses and informs our understanding of sin and ethics in a way that challenges the model of a conditional or contractual grace. (28.75 minutes)
Dr. C. Baxter Kruger
Dr. C. Baxter Kruger discusses the goodness of God and our moments of darkness. (34.60 minutes)
Dan Thimell
Christianity is not primarily about right behavior, but about relying on Christ's completed work for us. (29.48 minutes)
Gordon Fee
Dr. Gordon Fee talks about the renewed image of the Father through his likeness shared in Christ the Son. (28.27 minutes)
Robert Walker
God the Father was in Jesus Christ, as God become human, who took our humanity into the heart of God and gave us a new humanity in the process. (29.77 minutes)
Jeff McSwain
We all bring a personal persuasion to our interpretation of Scripture, so it's important for us to read the Bible through a Christ-centered lens. (35.80 minutes)