You're Included

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long. Although GCI is in general agreement with the interviewees, these interviews are not official statements of GCI doctrines.
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Alister McGrath
Dr. Alister McGrath discusses his journey into the study of science and theology, his discovery of C. S. Lewis, and various issues facing the church today. (31.03 minutes)

Previous Programs

Alan Torrance
The wrath of God and hell come about because of God's love. Good science indicates God's existence. (30.02 minutes)
George Hunsinger
Colossians 3:3 has been called a decisive verse for the entire New Testament. Our lives in Christ are real, and yet can't always be seen. (28.45 minutes)
Dr. Elmer Colyer
Elmer Colyer discusses how hell and God's wrath are related to God's love. (32.68 minutes)
Paul Louis Metzger
Dr. Metzger talks about participation in the triune life of God. (28.32 minutes)
Gary Deddo
Dr. Gary Deddo gives new perspective to the saying “What Would Jesus Do?” (32.12 minutes)
Dr. Andrew Root
We do not need to be afraid of doubt. When we fear that "God is not here," that is when God is likely to be found. (33.53 minutes)
Andrew Purves
A pastor should connect the story of God with the context of individual people, so the pastor needs to be tightly connected to God and the people. (31.17 minutes)
Cherith Fee Nordling
Jesus is truly human, and that shows us what it means for us to be truly human. (30.60 minutes)
Paul Louis Metzger
Converted Christians will be led by the Holy Spirit to care for others, reflecting our communion within the Triune God. (33.20 minutes)
Steve McVey
Steve McVey talks about the way Christians live -- trusting in the grace of Christ. (32.57 minutes)