You're Included

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long. Although GCI is in general agreement with the interviewees, these interviews are not official statements of GCI doctrines.
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Steve McVey
Steve McVey discusses the themes found in his book, Grace Walk. (28.53 minutes)

Previous Programs

Dr. Douglas Campbell
This interview gets to the heart and core of Paul's gospel. It includes our Reality with a capital "R" plus our participation with Christ and with each other in communion with God. (29.95 minutes)
Paul Molnar
Professor Paul Molnar talks with Mike Feazell about the importance of keeping Christ at the center of our thoughts about God. (34.40 minutes)
Dr. Robin Parry
In this interview in Scotland, Dr. Robin Parry discusses the importance of having a trinitarian perspective in our worship. (29.35 minutes)
George Hunsinger
The election that really counts: We are elected or chosen in Jesus Christ, the Chosen One. Mike Feazell interviews Dr. George Hunsinger, of Princeton Theological Seminary. (34.00 minutes)
Chris Kettler
The Word of God is threefold: Jesus is the living Word, Scripture is the written word, and preaching is the spoken word. Dr. Kettler discusses the importance of preaching from the written word about the living Word. (32.00 minutes)
Trevor Hart
There is positive encouragement and assurance in knowing that God's eternal purpose is to be God in Jesus Christ for us -- that God the Father is fully reflected in the face of Jesus. Mike Feazell interviews Dr. Trevor Hart in St. Andrews, Scotland. (30.55 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
The real God is a God who knows us utterly, loves us passionately and transforms us continually. Even before I turned towards Jesus, he had turned towards me. Before I confessed my sins, he atoned for them, and before I grasped ahold of him in faith, he grasped ahold of me in his faithful love. (28.00 minutes)
Daniel Thimell
Dr. Daniel Thimell discusses that Jesus Christ won a completed salvation for each of us. (28.85 minutes)
Robert Walker
In this interview, in Scotland, Robert Walker highlights who Christ is for us. He is the editor of two of Thomas Torrance's books: Incarnation and Atonement. (28.42 minutes)
Alan Torrance
Dr. Torrance talks with Mike Feazell about what the Incarnation means to us and how grace leads us to godly living. (31.27 minutes)