You're Included

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long. Although GCI is in general agreement with the interviewees, these interviews are not official statements of GCI doctrines.
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Alister McGrath
Dr. Alister McGrath discusses his journey into the study of science and theology, his discovery of C. S. Lewis, and various issues facing the church today. (31.03 minutes)

Previous Programs

C. Baxter Kruger
Dr. Kruger uses William Young's book The Shack to discuss the triune God's love for all humanity. (27.65 minutes)
Dr. Elmer Colyer
Dr. Elmer Colyer talks with Mike Feazell about the practical theology of Thomas F. Torrance. (26.33 minutes)
Dr. Elmer Colyer
Dr. Colyer discusses predestination and Trinitarian theology. Some people assume that God is the best of our own ideals, others accept him the way he has revealed himself in Christ. (29.18 minutes)
Chris Kettler
Dr. Kettler talks with Mike Feazell about how theology affects the average person, the importance of Jesus' humanity, and how we share in the faith of Christ. (27.65 minutes)
Chris Kettler
Dr. Kettler returns to talk with Mike Feazell about the ministry and theology of the late Ray Anderson. (26.05 minutes)
Chris Kettler
Dr. Kettler observes that people like to talk about the potential of salvation, but the Bible refers to the actuality of salvation. He also discusses the importance of relationships in life and evangelism. (31.35 minutes)
Jeff McSwain
In his third interview, Jeff McSwain explains the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism, and the Reformed view of Karl Barth. (35.37 minutes)
Daniel Thimell
In the early 1800s, a Scottish pastor named John McLeod Campbell found that members of the church had no joy in their Christianity, because they had not understood how effective the work of Christ was. (27.35 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
Mike Feazell and Dr. Dawson discuss the importance of Jesus being human even after his ascension. (29.35 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
Dr. Dawson discusses the challenges facing the church today, and the Christian's role in evangelism. (24.48 minutes)