You're Included

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long. Although GCI is in general agreement with the interviewees, these interviews are not official statements of GCI doctrines.
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Fred Sanders
Dr. Sanders discusses the nature of our inclusion and prayer life within the Trinity. (25.22 minutes)

Previous Programs

Daniel Thimell
In the early 1800s, a Scottish pastor named John McLeod Campbell found that members of the church had no joy in their Christianity, because they had not understood how effective the work of Christ was. (27.35 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
Mike Feazell and Dr. Dawson discuss the importance of Jesus being human even after his ascension. (29.35 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
Dr. Dawson discusses the challenges facing the church today, and the Christian's role in evangelism. (24.48 minutes)
Gerrit Scott Dawson
Drs. Feazell and Dawson discuss the significance of the fact that Jesus Christ is still human, that the incarnation continues into eternity. (30.98 minutes)
Cherith Fee Nordling
Dr. Nordling talks with Mike Feazell about the humanity of Jesus Christ, and what it means to be human. (29.62 minutes)
Gary Deddo
Why did Jesus say that it was difficult for people to be saved? (29.87 minutes)
Dr. Andrew Root
Dr. Feazell interviews Dr. Andrew Root about the importance of building relationships in youth ministry. (32.02 minutes)
Paul Louis Metzger
Mike Feazell talks with Dr. Metzger about the importance of relationships in the way we share the gospel. (28.75 minutes)
Roger Newell
Mike Feazell talks with Dr. Newell about Mary’s response to Gabriel’s announcement that she would give birth to the Son of God. They also discuss the importance of the Incarnation. (29.13 minutes)
Roger Newell
Dr. Newell and Mike Feazell discuss the theological insights in C.S. Lewis' fiction. (31.00 minutes)