Meet Daphne Sidney Superintendent of Australasia

How are you using your gifts and living out your calling in this season of ministry?  

As Superintendent for Australasia, I am very humbled by this opportunity to participate in very life and work of the Father, Son and Spirit – helping people understand and know they are invited into this transformative love relationship, as foundational to all that we do.   The love and faithfulness of our brethren across the region is outstanding, and many have lived remarkable lives of service over many years.  Just last year, the Sydney congregation celebrated its 60th Anniversary.   The Pastors, Pastoral Teams and Leaders are a joy to work with, as we pursue the themes of healthy church and the Faith, Hope and Love Avenues.  As a Connector I find great joy in bringing people together into Teams – seeing the joy of people working together where they are able to use their God-given gifts and talents – and to see churches reach out and become the best expression of church they can be. 


What fills you with hope?

Pastors and members alike have been an inspiration during the Covid-19 Pandemic as they have shown such capacity to adapt and change.  They have remained faithful and generous towards the church, even though not able to physically meet together in most cases.  God is faithful and we have seen His goodness and kindness prevail and overcome the many and varied difficulties presented to us.  Our hope remains in Him as our Lord and Saviour, provider and redeemer. 


Regional Accomplishments in the last three years: 

 Implementation of Healthy Church and the development of team-based Pastor led ministries.  With the onset of Covid-19 in March 2020, the Zoom platform was developed which has enabled churches to meet together and has allowed remote members to join in regular worship services as well.  Zoom has provided a great space for the Australasian ministry to meet together on a regular basis, to share and work collaboratively across the region.  We were graced by US ministry leaders as guest speakers for some of the zoom meetings, and the TTC 5 Voices training is currently underway with Jeff Broadnax.  The National Ministry Team also meets on a regular basis via Zoom.  Younger leaders are participating in ACCM cohorts across the region, including a large group from Fiji.  We have also been blessed with dedicated leaders who have provided some very creative children’s church programs over the years.  In all these things, we give our thanks to God and praise him for his surpassing greatness. (Psalm 150:2)