• We Believe: Q&A format, teaching the core beliefs of the Christian faith as outlined in the Nicene Creed.
  • Discipleship 101: teaching ten major doctrines of the Christian faith and how we respond to them. A series of 30 articles.
  • Small groups starter: ready, set, grow: starting and facilitating small groups that disciple people in the way of Jesus.
  • Basics for New Christians: A series of nine small group discussions teaching fundamental elements of what it means to be a Christian.
  • 40 Days of Discipleship: self-directed, advanced study of incarnational Trinitarian theology. 20 minutes a day, for 40 days. Then a second 40 days, and then a third.
  • Discipleship pathway: resources for helping people journey with Jesus from belong, to believe, to become.

Christian living

Christian life articles in Discipleship 101 and 40 Days of Discipleship

Additional articles:

Spiritual growth





Personal Money Management


Trials and suffering

Spiritual warfare

General — see also the human interest stories about Christian living


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