Money: Warning Signals of Financial Trouble

Based on information from the American Bankers Association, here are 10 warning signals that can help you determine if you are headed for financial trouble. If two of them apply to you, it’s time to take a close look at your budget. If three or four apply, you may be headed for difficulty. And if five or more apply, you’re already in trouble and need to take corrective action immediately.

1) Using credit to buy many of the things you used to buy with cash.

2) Taking out loans to consolidate your debts, or asking for extensions on existing loans.

3) Declining monthly checkbook balance, even though your standard of living is staying about the same.

4) Paying only the minimum amount due on charge accounts.

5) Receiving repeated notices from your creditors.

6) Dipping into savings in order to pay bills you used to pay out of your paycheck.

7) Borrowing on your life insurance with little chance you will be able to repay It.

8) Depending on extra income, such as overtime and dividends, to get you through the month.

9) Making use of your checking account “overdraft” to pay regular monthly bills.

10) Juggling rent or mortgage money to pay other creditors.

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