Discipleship: 40 Days of Discipleship: The Second 40 Days

This is the second collection in our series for church leaders who want to deepen their theological education with free resources from the GCI website. For each day, we present (on average) 2500 words, which can be read in 15-20 minutes. We again aim for variety, and go deeper into some doctrines than we were able to go in the first volume.

Church leaders should already be familiar with most of the doctrines presented in these articles, but a review can be helpful in firming up a foundation for new pastors, bivocational pastors, and others who are unable to pursue formal seminary education.

Although this series is designed for pastoral education, completion of the series does not mean that a person is thereby qualified to be a pastor. Doctrinal knowledge is only one of the many skills that congregational leaders need. This series focuses on theology; it does not include the many GCI articles on biblical studies, which pastors also need. Further, we do not have many articles available on ministry practices, such as preaching and counseling, which would normally form an important component of pastoral education.

Most importantly, no amount of reading can give people the spiritual gifts needed in the pastoral role. No amount of reading can give people experience with leading congregations and encouraging spiritual growth. Field experience is needed for that, perhaps as an intern, under the guidance of a mentor. Those who desire to lead in the church desire a good thing, but desire itself is not enough. Social skills and spiritual gifts are also needed, and the congregation itself must provide some confirmation that the leader has been gifted and called for this role.

For a PDF of all articles in one document, click here. You can buy a paperback copy on Amazon for $6.37. In the U.S., spiralbound copies can be obtained from thebookpatch.com for $11.95.

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Theology in general


An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology, by Michael Morrison parts 1 & 2


An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology, by Michael Morrison parts 3, 4 & 5A


An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology, by Michael Morrison part 5B & C


An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology, by Michael Morrison part 5D, 6, 7
The Triune God


Responding to God With Faith, by Joseph Tkach


Who Is God? by Joseph Tkach

Humanity’s Relationship With God, by GCI


Knowing God, by Joseph Tkach


Who’s Afraid of God’s Judgment? by Neil Earle

One in Three and Three in One, by GCI

Jesus Christ


Jesus—Alive Forevermore! by Michael Morrison

Jesus Was Not Alone, by Joseph W. Tkach


Evidence of the Resurrection, by Michael Morrison

The Power of the Resurrection, by GCI


Why Jesus Gives Us Hope, by Joseph Tkach

Did You Kill Jesus Christ? By Don Mears


Two Truths We Learn From Jesus’ Death, by Joseph Tkach

Commemorating the Crucifixion, by Joseph Tkach

The Holy Spirit


Can You Hear the Holy Spirit? by Joseph Tkach

Do You Have the Holy Spirit? by Paul Kroll


The Deity of the Holy Spirit, by Michael Morrison


A Theology of the Holy Spirit, by Gary Deddo, part 1


A Theology of the Holy Spirit, by Gary Deddo, part 2
The Scriptures


God Speaks to Us! by Paul Kroll

Five Simple Rules for Bible Study, by Michael Morrison


Scripture: God’s Gift, part 1 and 2A, by Gary Deddo


Scripture, God’s Gift, part 2B, and 3, by Gary Deddo


Scripture, God’s Gift, part 4, by Gary Deddo
The gospel


Preaching in the Book of Acts: Paul, by Michael Morrison


The Gospel Really Is Good News, by J. Michael Feazell


Sharing Your Faith With the Unchurched, by Neil Earle

Heart Trouble, by Joseph Tkach


How Baptism Pictures the Gospel, by Joseph Tkach
Grace and salvation


Too Much Grace? By Gary Deddo, first half


Too Much Grace? By Gary Deddo, second half


Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation? by Joseph Tkach


Parable of the Lost Son, by Michael Morrison
The church


Responding to God With Worship, by Joseph Tkach


Church: Some Assembly Required, by John Halford


Leadership in the Church: An Examination of Eight Words, by Michael Morrison, part 1


Leadership in the Church, part 2
Christian life


New Life in Christ, by Paul Kroll


The Goal of the Christian Life, by Joseph Tkach

The Purpose of Blessings, by Joseph Tkach


Trials and Faith, by Joseph Tkach

Life in Christ: Living Like a Christian, by Michael Morrison


Jesus Helps Us in Everyday Trials, by Joseph Tkach
The future


How to Interpret Prophecy, by Michael Morrison


A Balanced Approach to Bible Prophecy, by Michael Morrison


God’s Wrath, by GCI


The Coming of the Lord, by Norman Shoaf

Here He Comes, Ready or Not, by James Henderson

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