GCI Together

Video interviews with people in Grace Communion International - those who work at our headquarters office in Glendora, California, and those who work in other nations.
John Halford
John Halford, editor of Christian Odyssey, talks about his experiences in the church, visiting more than 100 nations, and making good use of the retirement phase of life. (26.00 minutes)

Previous Programs

Dr. Gary Deddo and Dr. Joseph Tkach on GCI Together
Gary Deddo is the newest addition to the GCI denominational team. He is serving as Doctrinal Advisor and Senior Editor. Take a moment to watch and get to know him better. (12.12 minutes)
J. Michael Feazell
In the first interview, Dr. Feazell talks about growing up, how he got involved with WCG and how the doctrinal changes of WCG occurred. (31.00 minutes)
J. Michael Feazell
In the second interview, Dr. Feazell talks about the personal implications the doctrinal changes presented to him, followed by his interests. (28.00 minutes)
Mitch Vasseur
Facilities Manager Mitch Vasseur talks with Mike Feazell about his experiences with music, church, and our move to Glendora. 31 minutes. (31.00 minutes)
Celestine Olive
Celestine Olive is Lead Cash Accounting Agent and Member Service Agent for GCI. She and Mike Feazell discuss her experiences with changes in the church. (26.00 minutes)
Robert Meade
Robert Meade, manager of the GCI Information Technology department, discusses the role of computers in doing the work of the church. Robert now supervises the accounting department. (27.00 minutes)
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy, GCI Video Producer, talks about his experiences in a one-room schoolhouse, in television and how God has impacted his life. He is now retired. (27.00 minutes)
Mathew Morgan
Mike Feazell interviews Mathew Morgan, GCI Board Secretary and Church Treasurer. (28.00 minutes)
Mike Morrison
Mike Feazell interviews Michael Morrison, GCI Media Director and managing editor of Christian Odyssey. Morrison is now Dean of Faculty for Grace Communion Seminary. (29.00 minutes)
John McLean
Mike Feazell talks with John McLean, National Director and Mission Director for the churches in Australia.  (26.00 minutes)