Other Videos

We have a few other video programs that didn't fit in any of the above categories. We think you'll find them helpful.
Divine Participation: Las Vegas
Tom Melear is pastor of GCI's congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also serves as a hospice chaplain and grief counselor. On October 1st, 2017, he was on duty when victims of the Las Vegas shooting began to arrive at local area hospitals where he was able to help those affected by the most desperate of times by meeting them in their challenge. (2.15 minutes)

Previous Programs

Leadership Training - Chicago South Side Congregation
A touching tribute and historical look at the Chicago, South Side Congregation of the Worldwide Church of God, now Grace Communion International. Featuring stories told by the men and women involved with its 50 year legacy. (25.17 minutes)
Thank You!
It has been an amazing year of growth and partnership. Take a moment and see how you and GCI have participated with Christ in 2015 to make an impact for the gospel. (2.53 minutes)
Drive-Thru Prayer
Iglesia Evangelica Comunion de Gracia a Grace Communion International congregation in Santa Fe Springs, California has found a unique way to reach their community. (2.08 minutes)
Crossing Borders is connecting across the U.S. & Mexico border to help build stronger ministries. (2.88 minutes)
Light the Fire is a GCI ministry event of the Orlando, Florida congregation that takes place Saturday evenings. (2.85 minutes)
Day of Nations
A beautiful gathering and celebration of the heritage that makes up the local community and church body. (2.10 minutes)
Celestine Olive
Long time member, Celestine Olve shares her story and what it means to be on mission with God. MiscVid/cellaoliveprofile (4.67 minutes)
George Kosten
GCI member and entrepreneur George Kosten discusses the importance of involving your faith in all aspects of your life, including business. (2.08 minutes)
Leveda Bibbs
Never discount the power of even the smallest of things in the hands of God. An interview with Levada Bibbs, long time GCI member. Shot on location at Crossroads Christian Fellowship in Tipp City, Ohio. (2.85 minutes)
Heber Ticas
Pastor Heber Ticas tells us about Comunion De Gracia, a growing GCI congregation in Lincoln Heights, CA. A church plant that actively seeks to meet the spiritual needs of it's surrounding community. (2.95 minutes)