Other Videos

We have a few other video programs that didn't fit in any of the above categories. We think you'll find them helpful.
Divine Participation: Las Vegas
Tom Melear is pastor of GCI's congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also serves as a hospice chaplain and grief counselor. On October 1st, 2017, he was on duty when victims of the Las Vegas shooting began to arrive at local area hospitals where he was able to help those affected by the most desperate of times by meeting them in their challenge. (2.15 minutes)

Previous Programs

Grace Communion Fellowship Banner
Highlights from the launch of a new GCI congregation in the community of Eagle Rock, California. (2.48 minutes)
John Halford
Long time GCI member, John Halford, gives us a unique perspective on retirement and "Growing Old Gracefully.” (4.62 minutes)
Mary Elwell
Carolyn's Cupboard is an outreach ministry of Abundant Grace Church, a Grace Communion International congregation in Rochester, New York. (2.78 minutes)
Pastor Mary Bacheller
Pastor Mary Bacheller tells us about Hands for Christ, a growing GCI congregation in Staten Island, Ny that specifically works to reach a community of believers with a unique need. (5.35 minutes)
Eric Shaw, Heber Ticas, Glen Weber and Bermie Dizon (GCI pastors in Southern California) describe the process of developing a network to support new church plants. (9.27 minutes)
GCI Congregation in Uganda, Africa
Kalengule Kaoma shares about two African regions that are showing a need for spiritual guidance from Grace Communion International. Kalengule Kaoma serves as National Director for GCI Africa. (5.20 minutes)
Tim Maguire shares about the incredible spiritual growth that is happening in Mozambique, Africa – leading to GCI church plants in many villages throughout the region. Tim Maguire serves as National Leader for GCI South Africa. (10.00 minutes)
Man sitting at table
C.S. Lewis is renowned for his ability to make Christianity understandable. This video about Lewis was filmed in Oxford, England. (3.30 minutes)
Joe Costantino
The second C.S. Lewis video is about Satan’s devices. It was taped at his home, the Kilns. (3.30 minutes)
T.F. Torrance
These are audio lectures - a series of 10 lectures Thomas F. Torrance gave with the title of "Ground and Grammar of Theology." (240.00 minutes)