Speaking of Life

Speaking of Life logoDr. Joseph Tkach, president of Grace Communion International, comments each week, giving a biblical perspective on how we live in the light of God's love. Most programs are about three minutes long – available in video, audio, and text.
"Luke 24:6” (1.62 minutes)

Previous Programs

Ephesians 1:7 (1.58 minutes)
Ezekiel 17 (1.65 minutes)
God is three distinct persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – The Trinity. (2.55 minutes)
Sometimes, our “grip” on Christ can slip. (3.83 minutes)
It seems like everywhere we look these days, we’re hearing about fake news. (2.67 minutes)
Have you ever wondered how many laws there are in the Old Testament? (4.88 minutes)
No matter what, God definitely loves you! (2.88 minutes)
God provides for us. (2.80 minutes)
Christ came to enable us to “see” God clearly. (2.80 minutes)
Jesus has endured all things to bring us into right relationship with our Triune God. (3.02 minutes)