Mother’s Day

The love a mother holds for their child is about as close to unconditional love that we humans can achieve. Whether you see it – or receive it – remember that it is a reflection of the unconditional love our heavenly Father has for us.


GCI’s Home Office relaunches to Charlotte, NC which positions them to be more central to their “target...
Leadership of the Jesus kind is servant leadership, which always includes relationship.
Finding a place where you belong.
We are always in his mind, always in his eyes, and always in his heart.
It is by the grace of our triune God that we have been saved and by which we now live.
When life’s storms have you turned around, turn to God’s word.
Use all your gifts and abilities to reflect the goodness, glory and faithfulness of the Lord.
Without God’s love nothing that we say, know, or do, will matter in the long run.